Teacup Pendant Light

Looking for a unique pendant fixture or set of fixtures for your home?... look no further!
Teacup pendant lamp
I've seen a few of these out and about and of course wondered... how can I make this...
I've found the easy way and am here to share with you!...
Mini pendant hardware
At Lowe'd I found mini pendant hanging hardware... because teacups are small I found a pendant that has a candelabra type socket - this means the hole you have to make in the teacup and saucer are smaller than what you would be required to make for your regular medium base type socket...
Check to see what size bit you need
Next determine what size diamond grit hole saw bit will make the right sized hole for the size of the socket... because this socket had a ceramic surround I needed to use the 1 1/8" diamond grit hole saw bit...
Prepare to drill the hole
I've found it easiest to keep everything lined up when drilling if the teacup and saucer are drilled after they've been epoxied together. For keeping teacups to their saucers a good two part expoxy that comes with a mixing tip makes this job quick and easy with minimal clean up... but just be sure to let the epoxy cure well before you begin drilling through them.
Drill the pieces with a cordless drill
The trick to drilling through dinnerware is to drill with the parts submerged in cool water... NOW be sure you use a cordless drill - electricity and water are not great friends... and I don't want anyone getting zapped... Drilling under the cool water helps to keep the drillbit lubricated and cool and helps prevent cracking and breaking of your pieces as you drill through them...
Socket pieces and teacup
The socket will have a ring that is used to hold the light fixture onto the socket... take this off and place the teacup over the threaded socket...
Teacup sitting over socket
Looking inside teacup at socket
Now you have to thread that socket pendant ring back onto the socket once it is sticking up through the teacup...
Install socket ring
Now your teacup fixture is held to the socket...
Don't forget the lightbulb
Don't forget the little candelabra bulb!... you can find candelabra bulbs in a variety of shapes... pick the one that works best with your teacup and install into the socket...
Ta da!... Teacup and saucer pendant light
... as this kit has the base to be installed right at your ceiling you should have an electrician or if you're very handy - yourself - install the light fixture as you would any other light fixture being wired into the ceiling lighting receptacles in your home! Be sure to turn off the breaker first - again I don't want you getting zapped!...
OH!... and an alternative to installing the light from your ceiling would be to remove the cap plate at the other end and to install a male plug on the end of the electrical cord... this will allow you to plug the fixture into a wall outlet and string the wiring up over something that allows the pendant to hang down as a lower level lamp!... :)

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4 questions
  • Megan McAuley
    Megan McAuley
    on May 29, 2016

    I have a boring desk lamp with a bendable arm with screws holding the lamp part on, now to figure out how to turn it on any off, any suggestions?

    • There is a little electrical switch that you could get and install on the cord that will allow you to click the light on and off - you should be able to find it in the lamp section at any hardware store carrying lamp supplies!

    • Hco29362741
      on Sep 14, 2018

      Get & on/off wire switch & attach it anywhere on the elect. Wire. Little 1" squares.

    • Paula
      on Oct 17, 2019

      If you have a smartphone or use something like Alexa in your home, you could purchase a smart plug that plugs into a normal plug in your wall. You then plug your lamp into the smart plug. You download an app onto your smart phone or link it to an Alexa type device and control the on, off and some of these smart plugs have a dimmable function also, with your smart phone or just tell Alexa to turn it on, off etc. Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon and Costco all sell them. I purchased a package of two for around $20 at Costco. Obviously this is a more expensive suggestion than the previous ones and won’t be everyone’s solution, but it’s easy to do and use and fun to just tell Alexa to turn the lamp on or off and have it happen, and more importantly can be used to light an area by voice completely hands free. Walking into a dark room this can be useful as you don’t have to fumble in the dark locating a switch if you can tell Alexa do it for you. Google and other brands are also available.

    • Val
      on Feb 18, 2020

      I use those remote control (3 pack outlets) that they sell at Lowe's and home depot around Christmas time. I use them year round all over my house. They work great and last for years.

  • Shannon
    on Sep 5, 2017

    What kind of glue do you use?
  • Sue
    on Nov 26, 2018

    Where did you find that diamond grit hole saw/bit?

    • Thelassa
      on Dec 29, 2018

      You can find this but in most hardware stores. Home Depot will have it around the area they have the drills.

  • Krista
    on Mar 6, 2020

    Where did you find the drill bit

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