Separating and Repotting Geraniums

If you love Geraniums as I do you'll find they are so easy to store over winter in a cool garage or basement and come spring you can easily separate the plant and re pot them.
Original plant
This geranium had been in my garage all winter. In mid April I took it out of the garage when the temperature was above freezing in the high forties and watered thoroughly. Allowed it to stay outdoors until temperature went below 40 degrees. If not back in the garage.
Cutting through roots and soil to separate.
After plant is thoroughly watered and starts to green you can remove plant from container and using a large knife or garden tool cut deeply into soil and separate into as many sections as you would like. This particular plant was able to be separated into 4 plants. When cutting through roots be careful. Your soil should be on the wet side as to separate easily.
Separating plant
Easy to do as long as your soil is moist.
4 individual plants
Making sure your pots have several holes in bottom proceed to place a few stones on bottom, then add some good potting soil(I use Miracle Grow potting soil) then the new plant and press down into soil and add more soil to cover root area thoroughly.
Good qualtiy potting soil is necessary.
Remember to buy good quality potting soil and prepare pot for planting by adding a few holes on bottom and Adding a few stones to bottom is also for good drainage but not necessary. .
Water thoroughly using a good fertilizer.
I like Miracle Grow for my plants. To get good healthy roots. Fertilize around once a week for large abundant blooms. Once plants are established only fertilize once a month if you see yellowing. Deadhead as necessary. Good Luck and Happy Geranium Planting!
Happy Planting, :) Mj.

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2 questions
  • Sus12133493
    on May 29, 2017

    Hello.can l separate the plant while their blooming?
    • M. J.
      on May 30, 2017

      Yes you can. Make sure you place it in good potting mix and water thoroughly. most potting soil like miracle grow has nutrients In it. Good luck!
  • Amy
    on Sep 22, 2019

    I inherited several large pots of geraniums mixed with other plants. It is one day away from fall in central Texas. I have to give the pots back to their owner. Should I separate the plants right now or just find pots to insert the whole mess (dirt and plants) into until next spring?

    • M. J.
      on Sep 23, 2019

      Save the geraniums in the pot if you can. If not separate the geraniums and place them in a bag in a cool area until next spring. Repot in good soil and keep watered well until you see new shoots. Good luck!

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  • M. J.
    on Jun 21, 2015

    Hi Everyone! Check out the above photos that I was able to capture this morning. It's been a very wet week so they are thriving but loosing flowers too but there's plenty of abundant buds to fill out the spaces. :) M.j.

  • M. J.
    on Jun 21, 2015

    If you can't get the photos I'll re-post. So gorgeous!!!!!

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