Can I paint my trex decking?

My trex decking in flaking. Whenever we hose it off it flacks into our pool. The trex people will not do anything about it. So is there any paint I can use on it?
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  • Shari Shari on May 12, 2015
    I'm sorry I can't answer your question about paint but I'm curious about why Trex "will not do anything." Since my daughter's 4 year old deck is made of Trex, your situation is raising questions in my mind about what will happen if problems develop with it. According to the Trex website, there is a 25 year limited warranty on it. If you have time, would you mind elaborating on why Trex won't honor the warranty?
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on May 13, 2015
    I also can't help with a solution. but I do know TREX had major problems a few years back..It had been discontinued be many retailers due to it. I think there was even a class action lawsuit, the idea of a composite deck is to have NO PAINTING or staining. I'd check into replacing rather than painting. It might also be if you use a pressure washer, could give you added problems. I'd check with the state attny Gen office.
  • Juli Graham Hart Juli Graham Hart on May 13, 2015
    Everything can be painted! I would check first though. Trex decking is supposed to have a warranty on it. If your warranty is out then sand it down and give it a coat!
  • Liz LeDeoux Liz LeDeoux on May 13, 2015
    try the restoration paint for decks...think it works on virtually any surface...prepping it tho is probably the key to adhesion tho
  • Shell Wilson Shell Wilson on May 15, 2015
    TREX decking and the like are composites - ultimately a bit of wood with a lot of plastic added in - so my assumption would be any type of plastic adhering paint would work - however, we have some 1st Edition Trex decking on our covered front porch - not flaking yet, but seriously faded. Considering using the Rustoleum 4X deck and concrete coating process - carried at Home Depot and Lowe's - tons of color options and a few tactile choices. I would make certain to give the decking a good scrubbing, a possible light sand or at least buff all the rough/flaking spots with steel wool, clean as directed by product (all debris and oils must be gone prior to new applications.) GOOD LUCK
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