Asked on Jan 15, 2013


Amy Ellis @ StowandTellUDeanna WhittenDouglas Hunt


Looks like spiders are trying to take over the eggplants? Any suggestions? Dont want to put chemicals in the greenhouse.
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jan 15, 2013

    Deanna, do you mean spider mites? If so, your two least-invasive solutions would be to use an insecticidal soap or to acquire some predatory mites. See this from the University of Florida extension service:

  • Deanna Whitten
    on Jan 15, 2013

    Thank you Doug... will take a look

  • Deanna Whitten
    on Jan 15, 2013

    We have an aquaponics system so not sure if this will work, but willing to try anything.

  • Amy Ellis @ StowandTellU
    on Jan 16, 2013

    You could try hedge apples, also known as an osage orange which are known to ward off spiders. They are probably out of season by now, but you can look around online. Perhaps they can help for next year if nothing else. I used hedge apples in my house this fall, and the spiders were scarce after that. Good luck

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