Concrete Garden Balls

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Concrete crafts are really fun to make. You start with messy gooey mix that you pour into a mold and in the end you wind up with a solid sleek surface.
These concrete garden balls are wonderful surprises tucked in between ferns or lining a walkway. The best part is that they're simple and only require a little mess.
These concrete garden balls are made with portland cement and peat moss mixed together. The ratio of peat moss to portland cement depends on how shiny or rustic you want the balls to be. All portland cement with no peat moss will result in a very shiny smooth surface. A 1:1 ratio of cement to peat moss will result in a very rustic garden ball full of tiny holes with a matte surface. I made these with about a cup of peat moss to 6 cups of portland cement.
To make the garden balls you'll need these glass globes. You can find them new at any hardware store but you can usually find them much cheaper at thrift stores or garage sales.
Pour the cement mix into the globes and let them sit until the cement is hardened, about 2-3 days.
Once the cement is dry, gently break away the glass with a hammer. Do this outside while wearing safety glasses. Be very careful because glass shards will fly. Cover the ground with a tarp or trash bag for easy clean up. If you used a lot of peat moss, you might have to clean up the ball with a wire brush and water to clean out the holes in the cement surface.
In the end you'll have these great concrete garden balls to enjoy.
Bobbie Byrd - Clumsy Crafter
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