Asked on Jan 18, 2013

HI. I am in need of repairing a window. I'm looking for s.o. to help me get a window casing repaired or replaced.

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A small window casing is totally broken and cannot be made to go up or down. It is disconnected at a couple of points from the glass (which is not broken) and is out of the track and cannot be made to go up or down. It is barely in the frame. I think I need a new casing but don't know enough about windows to be sure. Need an estimate.
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  • Got a picture? Wood, vinyl, or metal? Sorry I don't know anyone up there but we might be able to help you get it back together temporarily

  • Without seeing what you have its difficult to advise you on the fix. However if the balances are not working there are many methods to repair. From complete new installs, to new tracks etc. If the glass is coming out of the sash, you need to put new glass points in and re-putty the window. Once done paint to prevent the putty from drying out. Pictures Pictures Pictures. That is the trick.

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