Kitchen Makeover

We moved into a double wide mobile home and I was determined to transform it to give it a farmhouse feel - not an easy task for a mobile home. But it was easy! I used the existing cabinets and painted them out with Behr Creamy in semigloss. The flooring is click and lock from Home Depot.
I love the new look now and I feel I achieved my farmhouse feel. I made the Roman shades myself so I saved a ton of money with that part of the makeover.
The 'Before:' bland, unattractive typical 'mobile home' kitchen.
The 'After:' Do you think I gave it a farmhouse feel?
I love how the light streams through the window to light up my new kitchen. The hardwood flooring made a huge difference in the room!
Painting the cabinets white made the stove just blend in. Love it!
The Roman Shades were easy to make but time consuming, I'm very happy with how they turned out.
I opted to add a sink skirt rather than putting the cabinet doors back up. It added a lot to the farmhouse feel.
Here's a list of what I did.
Painted walls and cabinets
Beadboard wallpaper as backsplash painted in semigloss
Removed upper doors on some cabinets
Spray painted the existing knobs
Put down easy click and lock hardwood flooring
Easy sew sink skirt
Sewed roman shades
The rest is decor.
Have fun and go for it!

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  • Hug22977200 Hug22977200 on Apr 15, 2018

    i think you did a fantastic job. very well done.

  • Teresa Teresa on Mar 19, 2019

    I also own a 2010 double wide manufacturer home. Im going crazy with the cupboards in the kitchen. I dont know if they're particle board or pressed board with a paper covering. I want to paint them so bad. But Ive done alot of research and some say peel the paper off then prime and paint and others say to sand but you'll tear the paper and it'll bubble if you do it that way. PLEASE HELP IM SO CONFUSED HERE!!!

    • Brenda Brenda on Mar 22, 2021

      Hi. I bought my double wide through HUD and the cabinets were already peeling. I took off all the doors and peeled the paper off with the aid of a heat gun. It was an easy job and I'm sure a hair dryer would work also. When I removed the paper off the cabinet faces, it was not good. This is a very low end home and definitely low end cabinets. I used 1/4 sanded plywood to reface the cabinets. I filled the seams with wood filler and sanded. I did it all myself and it was not the best carpentry job, I should have replaced my table saw before hand. The tops of my cabinets were unfinished and would not come clean. (the whole house was covered with a grease like tar on the walls, the kitchen being the worse. There were burns on the floor so I'm thinking kerosene heater). Instead of fighting with the cleaning, I covered the tops of the cabinets with the 1/4" Plywood also, and the the same with the bottom of the upper cabinets. Primed and painted, they look so much better. They need another coat of paint now and this time I will put a good sealer over the paint. I am so happy with the results. I would like to tackle the countertops next. I'm not crazy about the look of the countertop redo kits so am doing research right now. My advice, do it!!!

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