Where or how to display fairy gardens

If you all have more then a few fairy gardens where do you display them. I have flower cart in my front yard that I will make a sun friendly garden but am working on a few others that will have to keep out of the elements but still would like to share. Husband is hiding in his den lamenting "where the heck are you going to put them), I'm addicted!!!!!
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  • Barb Rosen Barb Rosen on May 29, 2015
    In wheelbarrows, on decks, at the base of trees, on a porch (outside or inside) - you can put a fairy garden just about anywhere or make a whole village, Joann! : )
  • Stefeni Engebritson Stefeni Engebritson on May 29, 2015
    I have a retaining wall with a few larger tree type plants and lots of shade on it so nothing really grows well there. I have made the entire length of the side of my house on that retaining wall fairy garden. My husband has made bird houses that I use as their abodes and the foliage that's there is great for tucking small fairies and their stuff into....the birds love it as do my few lizards that frequent my yard. I love it and it's a real conversation piece as well.
  • Cindy Marteney Hudson Cindy Marteney Hudson on May 30, 2015
    I put my leprechaun garden next to the gazebo and the dinosaur garden is in a large bucket right in the middle of the flower bed. You can put them where ever you would put a potted plant - on either side of the garage door, in the corner of the porch, by the mailbox.
    • Joann Jarvis Joann Jarvis on May 30, 2015
      Thanks CINDY. The only yard area I have is in front of my mobile home that faces the West. I'm afraid the sun would harm the accessories and that's exactly where I would like to share with neighbors. Am considering all suggestions.
  • UTAHGAL UTAHGAL on May 15, 2017
    i have a big pine tree that i think might be perfect and in the same area it has a dead tree stump that stands alone and it would also be good but my neighbors cats like to use it as a dumping ground i have spent a lot of dollars on pepper and scat cat and i even have a block away neighbors dogs that come and water it down what the heck can i do so i can enjoy the space? i had gnomes out there for awhile untill i seen some teenage boys walk by and give them a backward kick which did not please me and i told them so and to stay out of my yard so then they went to the next tree a couple days later in the other end of the yard and pushed over a big rock that was planted there by the former owners.and i was mad!!! so help!!! please on thoughts on the fairy garden