Asked on Jan 21, 2013

Need advice, had flood in wash room and restoration service want to pull up the floor. Said particle board is wet. I can

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see edge of board and it looks solid,no sponging or discoloration, but his meter says it's wet. Is this normal?
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  • Yes particle board is like a sponge. It should be removed. Also water has got below the board as well and it will not dry out fast enough to prevent mold development.

  • Jeanette S
    on Jan 22, 2013

    We had the floor under the frig get wet and spent weeks trying to dry it out before putting down new floor. Finally cut out a piece and replaced it with dry particle board. Put a waterproof barrier between sub flooring and particle board. You will regret not doing this because it can set up a stink and mold as well as decide to swell and pop up flooring. Make sure you do not lay any dry board on top of wet concrete floor or wood sub flooring. If you need to dry anything out, kitty litter and fans help!

  • Mic M
    on Jan 22, 2013

    Thanks guys, one question, when will sponging show? Tried poking screw driver in board where meter showed red, and is hard. New guy came today and said red reading on meter is where nails are under linoleum. Who do I believe?

  • Remove the floor. It may not show up at all. But if water got under the particle board it will not dry out fast enough to prevent mold from starting. What is the board fastened to? Floor joists, cement? What is below the floor?

  • Mic M
    on Jan 22, 2013

    Was in room when water hose split so was on top of problem when it happened. The baseboards are mdf and only one corner on baseboard shows sponging. To answer question we have plywood subfloor. I guess I will replace, just being emotional ninny! Thanks so much, appreciate talking to you.

  • Yes if your board is over plywood, you do want to remove the top layer. It should come up easy and be replaced just as fast.

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