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Sand and Seashell Covered Terra Cotta Pots

After an afternoon at the beach with my Grandloves, I came home inspired by the beach sand to create some Nautical-Inspired Sand-Covered Terra Cotta Post to help add some "Summer" decor to my home.
I took three Dollar Store Terra Cotta Pots, some Elmers Glue and Sand...and along with my little Craft Helpers, we created three pots in just a few minutes.
You can use any size or shape pot. If you don't have access to beach sand, you can purchase small bags at Michael's for about $2.29/bag.
Using the Elmer's Glue and a sponge brush, I applied the glue onto the pot - working in small areas.
Interested in seeing the rest of this tutorial? Simply follow the link to my blog to get all of the details!!!

To see more: http://www.everydayhomeblog.com/2015/05/how-to-make-sand-covered-pots.html

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