Master Bathroom Faux Marble Makeover in the Home

A quick and easy project, that doesn’t cost a fortune but makes me feel like I just got a brand new Master Bathroom Marble Vanity without the high end cost. Wondering how I did this? Well just keep on reading and see how easy it really is to transform anything in your home with Contact Paper.
What you need:
Marble Marmi Grey Contact Paper
Razor Blade
Bathroom Vanity Top
First things first, make sure you clean your vanity top off really well and make sure it’s completely dry before you start applying your contact paper. I wanted to make sure I removed any hair or gunk lingering around that would interfere with my vanity makeover. My Vanity is a bit deep so I had to apply the contact paper in two steps which was fine with me, just a little bit more time involved.
The after
I laid out my Marble Contact Paper and measured out the length of my vanity and cut the length with my razor blade. Since my Vanity is so long my husband and I tackled this project together to ensure a smooth finish and little to no bubbles in the paper. We flipped the marble paper pattern up and slowly started peeling the backing away and applying it. I pulled the backing and my husband applied the contact paper to the sink while firmly pressing down to ensure a great contact and no bubbles. We continued to do this until we reached the other side of the vanity. With the sinks we completely covered them with the contact paper and firmly pressed down our edges on the sides of the vanity on the wall.
To expose the sinks we just made an X cut in the middle and carefully cut around the sinks to remove the paper from them. This part was super easy and you could really see the project coming together.

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Brittany Shaw

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13 questions
  • Ann
    on Feb 4, 2016

    How do I remove paint from the sink and tub that the last occupant did. It is pealing in some spots. Also the overflow holes porcine is covered with rust can I remove it ? I am renting so a new vanity is not an option. Thanks

  • Kim
    on Jul 1, 2016

    how did you get the paper to go over the front edge smoothly where the backsplash curves with the counter?

  • Mary Lee Spiers
    on Dec 26, 2016

    how did u get it around the knobs and fawcets?

  • Cvj15512360
    on Dec 26, 2016

    Can you do this project on your kitchen countertops?

    • Shawna Bailey
      on Dec 27, 2016

      A kitchen counter takers much more scrapping by pots and pans and occasionally takes heat from them. It probably would get scraped very quickly. They make kits that paint kitchen counters that would work much better. Like this one:" target="_blank">

    • Connie
      on Jun 18, 2018

      I did my kitchen counter tops with marble contact paper and it was beautiful. I do not sit hot items on the counter top anyway so no problem there. Had absolutely no water problems around the sink or on top of the counter. Have moved and going to do my bathroom and kitchen counter tops with contact paper.....Love it

    • Sarah Adair
      on Jun 25, 2018

      I did my kitchen countertops with this and it's been there about a year and still looks great.

  • Linda Holland
    on Jan 19, 2017

    How would this hold up with water etc. Did you coat it with a water proofing???

  • Dav33373418
    on Jun 18, 2018

    Where do you get the marble covering?

  • Kar30790732
    on Sep 7, 2018

    Has anyone seen the final results??

  • Rhea Raptou DeLong
    on Sep 17, 2018

    is the contact paper slightly stretchy to get a smooth look around the sink?

    • Pauline Welch
      on Oct 23, 2018

      If you heat it up with a hair dryer it will help with stretching the paper out and soften the glue

    • Rhea Raptou DeLong
      on Oct 23, 2018

      Thanks, Pauline! That makes sense, I wish that had occurred to me! :)

  • Diy Shannon
    on Sep 21, 2018

    Did you seal it with anything to keep it from pealing when it gets wet ? Contact paper bubbles when it gets wet.

    • Jody Sippl
      on Jan 12, 2019

      Plastic don't need to be sealed, thrifty but won't last forever, still nice and EASY to do.

  • Rob Gregory Lloyd
    on Sep 21, 2018

    Did you leave the faucet in or take it out? If you left it in, how did you apply the paper?

    • Helen
      on Feb 21, 2019

      She took it out

    • Kathy
      on Jul 22, 2019

      I read her blog and she said they "cut around" the fixtures. That tells me she did not take out the faucet.

  • Cynthia Joy Knisely
    on Jun 28, 2019

    How can I update my fixtures in bathroom. Like new tub and shower handle? What do I need to install a new toilet that is higher?

    • Rhonda
      on Jul 29, 2019

      Since it's contact paper, does it not just peel or come undone around water?

  • Marybeth sheehy
    on Jul 22, 2019

    Where do I buy the faux marble contact paper?

  • Mikaela
    on Nov 22, 2019

    What happens when you get it wet?

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