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Camp Theme Playroom Makeover: Taking Back My Living Room!

It's no secret that kid's toys can take over our homes and our lives. Last month I decided for the sake of my sanity something had to be done! My hubby and I took back our living room by transforming a boring unused office space into a fun, functional, and organized camp themed playroom.
Time: 6 Weeks Difficulty: Medium
Let's all take a moment to appreciate this room's humble beginnings.
Feeling a bit underwhelmed, right?
It took us six long weeks to transform this space, but now we actually have a playroom that kids want to play in!
Outside of the fun pops of color, one of my favorite parts about this room is that it's chock full of DIY projects. From the built-in to the curtains, these are projects that we poured our own sweat, blood, and tears into.
Obviously, the number one thing on my wish list for this room was storage. I mean like I wanted LOTS and LOTS of storage!
Ahhhhhh! Angels singing. A place for EVERY.SINGLE.TOY! This also gave us the opportunity to declutter and donate toys that were not being used any more.
I was super excited to finally have an excuse to makeover this little kid's table that I scored for two bucks at Goodwill. I'm hoping the new chalkboard top will distract the kiddo from writing on the wall!
We're looking forward to years of memories being made in our new playroom. What better way to enjoy the great indoors, right?
To read more about the space and to see additional photos, be sure to swing by my blog post:

To see more: http://delightfullynoted.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-playroom-reveal-one-room-challenge.html

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