Asked on Jan 22, 2013

Design trends for 2013...what do you think?

Sherry R


Here's my thoughts on some cool design trends for the upcoming year. Do you have any to add? Do you think my suggestions suck? Let us know!
- Rumpled bedding
That's right, our beds have lost some of their former polish! First, use bedding in neutral tones (rather than stark white), which have a decidedly unpretentious vibe to them. Second, pair complimentary and contrasting colors and forget the "matchy-matchy" look of years past. Next, pile on a bunch of pillows in different sizes. Finally, embrace the power and luxury of a throw but, rather than pulling it taut like a bedspread, just throw it naturally across the bed.
- Snakeskin
First, find a new area rug which features looping, scaly coils on a dark gray background to add underneath your coffee table. But don't stop there as this will say, I like DRAMA in any room you add it to. Next, find a "snakeskin" fabric and add this in a small amount for the most dramatic effect. Do you dare to show off your creativity with a snakeskin seat? Of course you do! Why not start by reupholstering that old stool in your bathroom. Just one small "coat" of the snakeskin-style will add jet-set glamour to your entire room.- Coastal styleThink: Accent pieces. Starfish, coral and sand are the obvious choices, but why don't you kick it up a notch by adding a stylish lamp? There are ones made of glass and full of seashells which are truly unique. Large, heavy nautical knots act perfectly as door stops. Framed nautical knots add a whimsical touch to any room.How about a colorful surfboard in one corner of your room? These "accent pieces" are a bold statement, even if you don't surf! Vintage wooden signs ("This way to the beach") are plentiful but, there is one note of caution. Anything vintage may look out of place if you are remodeling your home with a contemporary feel to it. The moral of this story is to pick your coastal accents carefully.
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