Asked on Jan 24, 2013

Any Microwave experts out there?

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GE Profile Microwave 2 years old died. Changed 2 bad thermofuses it works! But....the vent fan runs continuously. Changed the Smart Board, still runs continuously. Its the vent fan that is for stovetop cooking vented to the outside of the house. Can I just disconnect it and live without stove top venting? I'm getting tired of troubleshooting. The fan cooling the magnetron is fine. I know I can't live without that one! Thanks
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  • What is the warranty on the unit. If you put in another board perhaps it is faulty. I would however be really careful with any electronics on those units. I had a microwave that caught fire because of an internal short a few years ago, Lost half of my kitchen as a result. Personally I would remove it and put a new one in. The cost is not that high as compared to the risk your taking if something else shorts out and causes issues.

  • Thanks Woodbridge Environmental. It's out of warranty except for the magnetron (5) years. Appreciate your advice! You would think a pretty expensive 2 year old unit would last but...I guess not.

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