Asked on Jan 24, 2013

Trying to NOT replace Kitchen Tiles

Barbara LowellWoodbridge Environmental Tiptophouse.comZ


I want to re-do my kitchen from the traditional 'u' design and do a 'gallery' (sort of)'s the glitch..if I move the cabinets, etc,,there will be areas with no ceramic tile...My tile is still pretty nice. We're old and poor any ideas for those places..? Perhaps adding an overall pattern to the floor with another tile,,,which may involve removing a few tiles to create a I making sense?
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jan 24, 2013

    I think it would be a challenge to move ceramic tile. Perhaps you could use what you have in the middle and make a border of a complementary new tile. Curious why you want to change your kitchen from a U shape as I'm redoing my kitchen to turn it into a U.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jan 24, 2013

    Your chance of re-using a tile after it is installed in pretty much ZERO. if the tile was properly laid it will break during the process. You can however remove half or cut tiles and replace them with full sized tiles. This is one beauty of tile in that you can continue the "pattern" or layout with more tile. The bummer is most folk who do this later do not have the exact same tile. This is where you could get creative with new patterns and borders. A similar example can be seen here This is a project I did to get arround some broken tiles in an entry.

  • Marie R
    on Jan 24, 2013

    hi and thanks:) You walk in my back door (everyone uses it) and its straight into the dining/eating area. To immediate right is large closet I had put in 18 years ago, (along with tile). Having 7 kids, there was no 'entry'..just straight in. THat closet is also what turned the kitched into a full 'U' shape. Prior to that, it had the half wall with spindles...18 yrs later(sooner, really) I want that openness back. I did a pretty good job back then, but never consulted. Won't make that mistake, again. The purpose of opening it is more spacious feel,,,but true space for the large fam that is now grown to 35 and still going:) I should put up pictures and let the ideas begin. KMS...that sight is fabulous...what a fantastic idea. I so do NOT want to take up tiles...I thought it was a miracle that I found a floor that withstood 7 kids and now 18 grandkids..and when I clean it...It almost looks new again..but its white...what a dummy... lol..but NOTHING sticks to it. It cleans every time. Doing a 'rug'...that is so creative...Thank you!!

  • Z
    on Jan 25, 2013

    Marie sharing photos is a great idea. I'm sure you'll get loads of ideas from the creative minds we have here at HT. As for moving tiles, we did it, but ours were marble. Ceramic is very fragile when removing so, like KMS said, you pretty much have zero chance of reusing them.

  • If there are sections that will have no tile. perhaps you can remove other sections to create a pattern effect. Then simply place a new color tile in those sections to make it look as though it was planned that way.

  • Barbara Lowell
    on Sep 5, 2015

    I have several times made a patchwork effect by mixing all kinds of tiles, figured it all out mathematically on paper. My kitchen floor was cracked in an area (old House so I could not find matching tile) so I just created a "rug" on the floor with totally different tiles and it came out great. Also my lanai is combo of 5 different size tiles in earth colors and it is a work of art. Mosaic mixes great with other stuff. Habitat for Humanity has lots of tile donated for cheap. You definitely can find lots of odd lots of tile on sale for cheap.

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