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Seashell Napkin Rings Diy

Summer is coming, the kids are loading up their buckets with seashells. OK, maybe it’s mom who loads up the bucket with seashells…and you can’t part with any of them. You need a project.
This is an easy craft project. You don’t need a saw, you don’t need a nail gun. It would be nice to have a sewing machine, but even that you don’t necessarily need, if you can stitch a straight line. You will need a hot glue gun.
You'll need a nice weight canvas, cut into strips.
Sew the ends of the fabric together to form a circle and fold down the sides to the outside so that the interior of the ring is smooth.
With a glue gun, start gluing your shells fitting each row into the prior row.
These shells were leftover from my shell hurricane lamp found here...http://scavengerchic.com/2015/05/25/shell-hurricane-lamp/...so now I have a matching set just in time for the summer.
Please be sure to stop by for a bunch more pictures and more instruction.

To see more: http://scavengerchic.com/2015/06/15/beachcomber-napkin-rings-diy/

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