Here Are 10 Gorgeous Designer Tricks for Your Dollar Store Pots

You know these cheap Dollar Store flower pots?

via Kristin @[url=]My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia[/url]

Instead of plopping your plants down into dull plastic pots, give your containers a dazzling designer upgrade, with these 8 gorgeous ideas from brilliant Hometalkers!

1. Antique your plastic pots

Photo via [url=]The Palette[/url]

Wish you had a secret cottage garden of your own? Add century-old English garden pieces to your porch, by transforming ordinary plastic pots from the Dollar Store with just a bit of chalk paint!

2. Nail on slats of pallet wood

Photo via Ann @[url=]Make the Best of Things[/url]

If you've got a crush on rustic decor, you'll LOVE this! The middle step might look a little scary, but the result is amazing!

3. Spray paint a faux French patina

Photo via Carolyn @[url=]Homework[/url]

Looking for some tres magnifique dressing for your mantel or windowsill? Change the look of any cheap pot (even some unattractive finds, like these), with a pearly, French style makeover.

4. Paint a stoney finish

via Kristin @[url=]My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia[/url]

If your garden's full of brick details and stoney ornaments, paint your pots to match, with this clever upgrade.

5. Cover the surface with sand

Photo via Barb @[url=]The Everyday Home[/url]

Are you a coastal decor addict? Us too! Cover a stack of .99 cent terra cotta pots in grainy sand, and top them off with pretty shells.

6. Paste on graphic transfers

Photo via Robin @[url=]All Things Heart & Home[/url]

If you're head over heels for terra cotta, it's time to step up your game, by printing or digging out your favorite graphic, and transferring the image to your flower pots.

7. Wrap your pots with rope

Project via April @[url=]House by Hoff[/url]

Does your outdoor dining area need a drop more interest? These rope wrapped planters are an easy way to add some texture to cheap terra cotta pots!

8. Decoupage pots in paper napkins

Project via Aniko @[url=]Place of My Taste[/url]

Raid the leftovers from your last cocktail party and reuse those pretty paper napkins to update a set of small pots.

9. Gild a pattern across the front

Project via Christine @[url=]The Crafty Woman[/url]

If you're a modern design guru, these pastel painted pots lined with golden shapes are the $3 decoration your home is begging for.

10. Stamp it with a message

Project via Chelsea @[url=]Making Home Base[/url]

Whether you're an admirer of miniature decor or not, you've probably just had your heart stolen by these little flower pots with stamped summertime messages. Think of all the sweet phrases you can add to yours!

Which designer pots will you add to your garden this summer? Let us know how you're decorating your own!

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  • Djg3144982
    on Nov 29, 2015

    Really like the terra cotta with the transfers but I wonder how long it would last ? I've never tried anything like that. Looks cool.

    • Brandi Lynn
      Brandi Lynn
      on Dec 22, 2015

      I thought the same thing - unless maybe trying it with sharpies and then baking it like a mug?

    • Carolyn Smith
      Carolyn Smith
      on Dec 24, 2015

      @Brandi Lynn Those pots are plastic so they wouldn't bake well.

    • Color Natural Decor
      Color Natural Decor
      on Dec 26, 2015

      Use Modge Podge for outdoors. I have a bench I did with it years ago and it has lasted amazingly well.

    • Tom3592537
      on Dec 30, 2015

      @Jill Jacoby

    • Tom3592537
      on Dec 30, 2015

      I never used M.P. I'll give it a try!

    • SharonJ
      on Jan 3, 2016

      @Djgeorgiou I bet you they would last about a month before the damp inside the pot destroyed the glue. Some of these ideas look great, but would last as long as they did not get wet or have a real plant in them ")

    • Mary Lee Norris
      Mary Lee Norris
      on Jan 27, 2016

      @SharonJ I was painting terra cotta pots in the 70s (before anyone else! :-) ) and it lasts for years as long as you apply a clear sealant to both the inside and the outside. Helps the soil retain moisture, as well.

    • Mary Lee Norris
      Mary Lee Norris
      on Jan 27, 2016

      @Carolyn Smith The ones with the transfers are not plastic--they're terra cotta, as djgeorgiou says, so they could be baked. But applying a clear sealant would work as well, or better.

  • And3938067
    on Jan 14, 2016

    What is the best pink diy???

    • Elaine
      on Mar 13, 2016

      Pardon? Can you be a bit more specific, please? Would be glad to help if I can but not sure what you are asking.

  • Cynthia
    on Feb 8, 2016

    Love it, the ones with the napkins look awesome too, but I wonder how long they would last?

  • Ann
    on Feb 17, 2016

    Those transfers on the terra cottats are beautiful. ..where would I purchae those ?

    • Lea Perrins
      Lea Perrins
      on Feb 18, 2016

      You don't need to buy them. You print them out form the internet and do a transfer depending ont he type of printer you have. Look up a tutorial. The other answer would be to buy a stencil but that is expensive. You could also cut your own stencil but its very time consuming.

    • Susan Savage
      Susan Savage
      on Feb 21, 2016

      Esty has some nice paper napkins. I like paper napkins for some projects because you can separated the ply and have something very thin to work with..I also found some interesting napkins at a party store where they sell balloons etc.

    • Linda Woody
      Linda Woody
      on Mar 10, 2016 even has instruction on how to transfer onto different mediums. Great site and free graphics

    • Mmj5357049
      on Mar 30, 2016

      Thanks for the info. I will definitely heck it out.

    • Dolores DeLuise
      Dolores DeLuise
      on May 15, 2016


  • Gramcracker
    on Mar 12, 2016

    What kind of paint or sealer do you use to make sure the new finish stay's during rain, sun, heat etc.?

  • Clara Mcmenamin
    Clara Mcmenamin
    on Apr 8, 2016

    i liked the pots with the sand idea. how does the sand stick to the pot?

    • Kailee
      on Apr 8, 2016

      You can get sand and stone textured spray paint at walmart or any home improvement store! It works great!

    • Chi3958627
      on Apr 12, 2016

      Adaugă un răspuns ...Eu am procedat cu praf de piatra mozaic alb

    • Veronia G
      Veronia G
      on Apr 13, 2016


    • Kay p.
      Kay p.
      on Apr 22, 2016

      I bet you could also use Epsom Salts,but you might have to keep it inside. Would like to try it.

  • Helen Arnemann Hennigan
    Helen Arnemann Hennigan
    on Apr 20, 2016

    Can I decoupage plastic planters? In the link she uses terra cotta

    • Missbev
      on Apr 22, 2016

      You can decoupage plastic containers. You can also spray paint them with paint for plastic. You certainly don't have to have terra cotta.

    • Sherry H.
      Sherry H.
      on Apr 26, 2016

      Yes you can, the same as you do Terra Cotta. Sherry Hampton :)

  • Sherry H.
    Sherry H.
    on Apr 26, 2016

    Rope on pots How do you bind the rope to the pots? Can you use decoupage glue? Thanks for the ideas. They all look great! :) sherry Hampton

    • Aro1695948
      on Jun 7, 2016

      I made this pot and used a hot glue gun. One in the house and used colored rope for patio

    • Chris Price
      Chris Price
      on Jun 8, 2016

      liquid nail will hold longer. You could also use carpet glue. Both are better options.

  • Nance Freeman
    Nance Freeman
    on May 17, 2016

    After you have painted or decorated these, can you put them outside?

  • Jen21600896
    on Mar 8, 2017

    What paint holds best to plastic pots?

    • Rosanne Cleveland-King
      Rosanne Cleveland-King
      on Mar 20, 2017

      Michaels or Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's has spray paint for plastic, I can't think of the name but they can help you.

    • Rose
      on Apr 7, 2017

      Most rustoleum spray state that they stick to plasti. I use them successfully quite a bit and no problem. $3-350 per can has good coverage.
    • Nancy
      on May 15, 2017

      Rose is right. Rustloeum is good stuff and lots of colors to chose from .
    • Nancy Moore Conner
      Nancy Moore Conner
      on Jun 10, 2017

      I painted my pot first with white acrylic (craft) paint from Walmart--let it dry completely, then painted it a Blue acrylic paint--let dry--then I added 5 coats of Mod Podge letting it dry 30 min. in between each coat. Has worked so far!!!!
      Nancy from Mississppi
    • Denise Palmer
      Denise Palmer
      on Mar 5, 2018

      I used pva glue as a primer,then used cuprinol paint left over from painting garden shed a couple of coats was enough and finished off with a coat of yacht varnish from the £1 shop. The pots are ready for 3rd summer and still in tip top condition.

  • Anna Alford
    Anna Alford
    on Mar 9, 2017

    What is the best paint for plastic pots?

    • Rosanne Cleveland-King
      Rosanne Cleveland-King
      on Mar 20, 2017

      Michaels or Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's has spray paint for plastic, I can't think of the name but they can help you.

      on May 15, 2017

      also Walmart carries it PLASTIC PAINT FOR PLASTIC POTS OR CHAIRS

    • Gina
      on Jul 19, 2017

      What about a coat of killz? And regular spray paint?
    • Carolyn W.
      Carolyn W.
      on May 19, 2018

      Lowes and Home Depot have the spray paint that will cover plastic. But the Kilz is a great idea too!!

    • Martie
      on Jul 20, 2018

      Krylon spray paint plus clear spray on sealer will last for years.

    • Cary Ann Lawson
      Cary Ann Lawson
      on Aug 4, 2018

      rustoleum universal

    • CAR33952108
      on Aug 16, 2018

      At True Value we carry Rusolium's 2X line. We love these. They will stick to nearly anything and there are sooo many colors to chose from!

    • Julia Kelley
      Julia Kelley
      on Sep 3, 2018

      Best for plastic pots is any brand that is made to use specifically on plastic.

    • Pat Wright
      Pat Wright
      on Sep 4, 2018

      Rustoleum actually has a spray paint for plastic that works great. Find it in a home improvement store.

    • Rpries31
      on May 1, 2019

      Krylon colormaxx is good. it's a primer and color.

    • Janet
      on May 20, 2019

      Water paint

  • Linda Dodson
    Linda Dodson
    on May 14, 2017

    Which Dollar Store are you referring to? I am having a hard time findings these at a Dollar Store.
  • Mary M Braunlich
    Mary M Braunlich
    on May 24, 2018

    For the rustic pallet project, when you say "nail" on the pallets to the plastic pot, are you referring to Liquid Nails?

  • Jds8045755
    on Jul 30, 2019

    When you apply the napkins with mod podge, won't it come off when

    the pot gets wet?

    Do you apply the napkin with something else that is water proof?


  • Nicole
    on Aug 5, 2020

    Can you please explain in a little more detail how you applied the chalk paint to give the pots that patina look? Are you using more than one color?

    Thank you,


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  • Roberta
    on Oct 29, 2020

    I want to decorate my flower pots with napkins but am not sure what to seal them with for outdoors

    • Penny Gregory
      Penny Gregory
      on Nov 11, 2020

      Modge Podge makes a ton of different products for the different projects you might want to try. One or two of them are high gloss and will seal quite well. If you look, the labels tell you the best one to use. Of course, that's not the only brand. Minwax and a few other brands are (what I call) hardcore finishes. Lowes or Home Depot would be a good place to look for those. Those tend to have a high fume problem, so think of that. I use Modge Podge, and if it's going to be around moisture I will use the super high gloss for outdoors and use several coats. I hope this helps!

  • Roberta
    on Oct 29, 2020

    Loved it so much I’m going to try the napkins

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