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Tween Boy Bedroom Makeover

The goal was to streamline and update this tween bedroom while maintaining all of his interests.
All on a very tight budget.
The room was previously two, and by busting out a wall to make it larger, (well, making the smaller one into a closet and storage area), the main bedroom remained a 9' by 11' space. Small, but it flowed better with the opening.
A mix of furniture against the walls held the 11 year old's clutter. He had and still does... a LOT of stuff! Everything needed sorting and organizing.
He has a dog collection that was previously scattered about the room. Now, displayed neatly.
The laminated furniture were painted and revamped into a wall unit. I reclaimed wood for a desk top.
I used wire baskets for organizing.
All wired accessories were painted the same; red, the tween's favorite color.
I repurposed a tractor seat for a stool.
Two rooms, opened up by ripping out the wall.
I rebuilt two outdated night stands into a chest of drawers and painted all pieces, mirror included, to make a wall of drawers match up. Making the room flow better.
By using chalk paint and clear wax, the old wood furniture is masculine.
I upcycled an outdated wooden lamp and shade to go with the Americana theme. I found two hub caps for decor at the junkyard.
I repurposed a treadle sewing machine lid for plank wall art and added license plates for a gallery.
Using inexpensive push on lights as headlights, I made a vintage truck headboard.
By making a couple of toss pillows, the stripes on the bed blend together.
The push on lights make a cool night light.
By upcycling his old learner guitar, it became room decor.
A curbside trunk, is painted into the Star Spangled Banner theme, complete with the lyrics on the front.
Everything in this room was done by upcycling, repurposing, thrift shopping, scavenged, and reorganized.
It was a lot of work, but worth it!
There are more items, photos and how to posted here: http://redoityourselfinspirations.blogspot.com/2015/05/one-room-challenge-tween-boy-bedroom.html

To see more: http://redoityourselfinspirations.blogspot.com/2015/05/one-room-challenge-tween-boy-bedroom.html

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