Asked on Jan 26, 2013

new stove problem

Carla RossPat GJessica A


I finally got that new stove---though slightly wider than the old one, the counertops had to be cut a bit. A friend used a sawzall and the cut is really rough. Looks pretty nasty. to I cover that up??? The gap is small. Countertop is formica. Edges are jagged. Suggestions please............ thank you.
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jan 26, 2013

    I'd pull the range back out and smooth the edges with a belt or orbital sander. Once smooth you could cover them with a thin strip of laminate that matches the counter. If you can not find the same color some paint would help mask it. It is important to get that raw particle board edge sealed. If moisture gets into the core fibers it can lead to swelling and buckle to the top.

  • Jessica A
    on Jan 27, 2013

    Thank you....that sounds like something I can do.

  • Jessica A
    on Feb 2, 2013

    Thank you KMS....It sounds like something I can do. Good to know about the moisture, never thought of that. Have a great weekend. :)

  • Pat G
    on Mar 6, 2015

    We used a strip of quarter (1/4 of a cirlcle) molding to cover the gap and ragged edges. Round the end that faces out. Sealed it with polurathane finish, or whatever you have on hand. You have probaly done something by now, but this would be an option for others with the same problem.

  • Carla Ross
    on Nov 9, 2015

    Ha, same thing just happened with mine. But I'm going to refinish my countertops so I'm not worried about it. I like the above suggestions.

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