30 Minutes to Grey Weathered Wood

Jessica from Loveleigh Creative Soul is joining us today to show you how she created a beautiful, grey weathered wood look with Lazy Linen and Graphite glaze!
This tutorial gives step-by-step instructions to create a weathered wood look on scrap stained wood, with a brush and two paint products.
For this project I used:
Country Chic Paint Graphite Furniture Glaze
Country Chic Lazy Linen Paint
Scrap wood pre-stained (Grey)
Synthetic Bristle Paint Brush
Damp paper towel
I began with a scrap piece of stained wood. For this sort of finish I recommend using the same color family for all of your products.
Take your dry paintbrush and lightly dip it into your paint. I just used paint from the lid because the amount I needed was very minimal.
Apply the paint in the same direction as the grain, lightly and in varying places on the board. I had no rhyme to the placement of my paint strokes. I dipped my brush back in the paint a total of 3 times and was able to really work the paint over the surface as I wished (the board I used is 11 inches tall and 18 inches wide).
When using Country Chic’s paint, you will notice the wood will soak it right up and it will be dry in a matter of seconds.
After letting the paint dry for a few minutes I applied dots of glaze with my pointer finger. I placed several swipes of glaze all over the piece and began working them in with my finger and a damp paper towel.
I liked being able to see where I was placing the glaze, but if you are in a breezy area your glaze will leave a light dried ring around each blob if you don’t move quick. Over rubbing with the damp paper towel will create a wet distressing look (remove paint with the cloth), which looks great for the weathered wood look but it will remove some of your paint coat.
Now your piece is ready for lettering!
Happy painting!

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