Painted concrete

I live in NW Ohio where we get "winter," we have two different pours if concrete in our driveway (installed at different times) and unfortunately, two different concrete mixes. As a result, the drive has 2 distinct colors. Being picky as we are, we decided to seal all of it using an opaque concrete sealer. That eorked for a year but started chipping. So we decided to spend the $$ and use one of the new concrete restorer products. We did extra prep by sanding the entire surface and using a bonding agent to adhere the 2 products together. It didn't work. In less that 2 weeks the restore product started pealing. We contacted the restore product company and with some communications back and forth, they refunded all of the nearly $3K we spent on their products. Now, we gave a mess. One layer us peaked up in places. The 2nd layer is peaked up in other places leaving the bare concrete below exposed. We are at a loss as to ehat to try next. I got a bid from a contractor to resurface the concrete but the contractor wouldn't guarantee the work for more than a few years; that would cost as much as $8K. A new drive will cost even more. I'm looking for suggestions of what we might do that would actually hold up for more than one season.
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