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Install your own countertop

In an effort to update our kitchen, we tackle an area each year. So far we have installed new flooring, given it a fresh coat of wall paint and re-painted the cabinets(they will be replaced eventually.) I ran across this video recently and we are considering trying to replace the countertop this year. As you can see it is quite knicked up, stained and is separating. Wish us luck!
Maybe it will inspire
Awkward "blocked corner" causes the counter to split where the halves meet
Awkward "blocked corner" causes the counter to split where the halves meet

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  • Dee W
    on Feb 5, 2013

    @Jeanette S sure sounds like you have done this before...I can't quite picture it, but maybe DH will know what you mean. Thanks again.

  • Lori
    on May 10, 2015

    Dee, I just watched the video and all was well till they put that bar in to cover the crack. If that's ok with you then have at it but it didn't look nice to me. You have done so much yourself, maybe think about getting someone skilled to do this part. Scares me let me tell you. Now, I'm assuming you and your husband aren't skilled enough to do it, if you are, then bravo, go for it. Good luck.

    • Dee W
      on May 21, 2015

      @Lori so far we haven't done anything which tells me that DH isn't all that confident he can do it but if he is willing to give it a go or changes his mind I'll back him up

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