Shower and Tub Cleaner

2 Minutes

This is a quick and easy way to keep your shower clean in just two minutes a day.Just get a dish washing wand and fill the dispenser half with vinegar and half with liquid dish soap. Keep it in the shower. That way everything is ready to go. When you get in, wet the sponge, and scrub away. Next, well, take a shower. That's it. I do a little section of the shower each day and work my way around the whole area about twice a week.
If the mixture gets thick, just add a little water. Also, I would caution that it is important to rinse well, and keep out of eyes as you would any cleanser.
Mix half liquid dish detergent with half vinegar in dishwashing wand.
Scrub, rinse, done! Easy to maintain.

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8 questions
  • Doreen
    on Jan 10, 2016

    where did you get the wand?

    • Sondra A
      on Jan 14, 2016

      @Doreen You can find the wands in the house cleaning department of markets or Target, Walmart, etc. It is usually near the sponges or brushes.

    • Sheryll S
      on Feb 1, 2016

      Sometimes you can find them at Dollar Tree also.

    • Wanda Dalesandro
      on Mar 6, 2016

      I got mine at Dollar Tree

    • Erma
      on Jun 5, 2016

      The wand can be found at Walmart.

    • Linda Sanders
      on Aug 11, 2016

      One can find the wand just about any store that has household cleaning supplies.

  • Michele Clow
    on Mar 10, 2016

    Do you think this mixture would work in a spray bottle? My fiberglass shower needs a scrubber a little heftier than the ones that are on these types of sponge brushes.

    • Joyce Hibbs
      on Apr 7, 2016


    • Tklemm
      on Apr 10, 2016

      I have used it in a spray bottle for years! So to answer your question yes it sure will.

    • Sue
      on Jun 7, 2016

      Be careful using anything abrasive on fibreglass or you'll put scratches in it then the scratches get debris in them and you have a whole new cleaning problem! Suggest you only use baking soda to clean fibreglass.

    • Katrina
      on Jul 1, 2016

      definitely works with a spray bottle, I sprayed everything, scrubbed a bit and rinsed.

    • Becky
      on Jul 5, 2016

      This works perfect on glass shower doors. When you are done the glass looks brand new!!!! Spray it on from a bottle and let it sit while you finish the rest of the bathroom. Using a wet towel, wipe it down then buff dry. If this is the first time and the water stains are bad, use a Scrub Daddy or Magic Eraser to get the tough spots off. Use once a week for an easy way to keep the glass doors sparkling.

    • Linda Sanders
      on Aug 11, 2016

      No. This is because the tube may get plugged with un-desolved soda.

    • Trish
      on Aug 13, 2016

      Add some vinegar to the clog and watch it bubble. End of clog!

    • Marianne Fredricks
      on Aug 14, 2016

      Vinegar and dish soap is safe on my new shower doors according to the company we purchased them from. My doors have the glaze on them so water spots are minimized. Just never use ammonia products. GREAT IDEA!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Melinda
      on Sep 20, 2016

      My son is a plumber, he said to never put baking soda in the drains. Even with vinegar, it will stay in the pipes and clog it up further down.

  • Ros8629307
    on Aug 9, 2016

    Curious as to where you store the cleaning brush after you shower?

    • Linda Sanders
      on Aug 11, 2016

      Close to the shower. Then one could grab and clean before getting out.

    • Barbara
      on Aug 18, 2016

      I have a little cubby hole built into the shower wall for shampoo soap etc. I put mine in there. Fits perfectly

    • Ros8629307
      on Aug 18, 2016

      About to replace shower - I'll have to check that out.

  • Barbara
    on Aug 18, 2016

    Can you use vinegar on a marble shower

    • Sandra
      on Sep 11, 2016

      I had a marble installer tell me that vinegar is what etched my marble so you may want to get more info from a marble didtributor before you use vinegar.

    • Barbara
      on Sep 11, 2016

      Thank you Sandra SO much you might have saved my marble. I appreciate it because is was extremely expensive. Thanks again.

    • Sondra
      on Oct 22, 2016

      The only safe thing for my geanite is soap, water or alcohol. I imagine the same is true for marble.

    • Theresa Duplak Guiles
      on Jul 17, 2017

      First of all, I would NOT use that dishwashing wand shown in the pictures! Maybe one with a sponge only! That dishwashing wand would definitely scratch my shower's surface!
  • N
    on Sep 22, 2016

    does this harm septic tanks?

    • Sondra
      on Oct 22, 2016

      It shouldnt, anymore than using dish soap in kitchen would, and vinegar is natural.

  • Car22532881
    on May 25, 2017

    Will the vinegar in the dish detergent ruin the shower stall? When we had our shower stall replaced, the installer told me I could use anything to clean it except ammonia.
  • Phyllis Brower Eastlund
    on Sep 8, 2017

    Is the vinegar safe on the grouting between the ceramic tile?
  • Karen Chan Seet
    on Oct 2, 2018

    Will this remove the buildup on shower doors?

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  • Terry Duke
    on Jun 12, 2018

    I’ve been doing this for years! And it’s great— I isually grab the soap wand while my conditioner sits on my hair and give the shower stall the once over! For my son’s shower I mix up a batch using HOT vinegar, mix with the dawn in a squirt bottle, get his shower nice and steamy and then squirt the whole thing down- top to bottom. It usually just melts the crud away with gravity. I let it sit about 15 minutes, then a light scrub and rinse and all the dirty teenage boy crud just rinses away!

  • Joanie
    on Dec 29, 2019

    I tried this and IT IS EXCELLENT!! I mean spotless. Never had a better cleaner. Thanks for letting others know.

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