Quick, Easy, Inexpensive DIY Wine Racks!

1 Hour

Totally customizable, made in a flash for cheap, these wine racks are handy and versatile!
So the hubs asked for some "eh storage racks for wine, nothing fancy." I can't not put a little oomph into 'em, so after some web surfing for inspiration, I came up with this easy-to-create design. And since this is temporary short term storage, cork up isn't an issue.
All I needed was two pieces of 1x6, a hole saw, some stain and a few screws and this puppy was together in an instant. Come read all the details about this and loads of other fun things over on my blog Flipping the Flip at humboldtartdept.blogspot.com!
After mmm, some math, I came up with the layout and drilled away.
A little sanding with the rotary tool and it was assembly time.
I placed the drilled out board centered on a line 1.5" in from the edge, pilot drilled some holes through the back side and connected everything with a few screws.
Once everything was together, I slapped on some Watco Danish Oil, let that dry and the next day I screwed them into the wall using some handy dandy wall anchors.
Pretty awesome, yeah? Each holds a full case. And they're totally customizable too -- change the sizes, change the board width/length, change the color...you name it! Come see more on my blog by clicking the link below!

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Becky at Flipping the Flip

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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  • Ruth Deprey
    on Jun 14, 2017

    The bottles are hanging wrong, the cork will dry out and the wine will spoil.
    • Mary L. Sutherland
      on Aug 4, 2019

      I initially thought the same thing, except that she drilled the holes too large, AND Straight thru the board, as well as level, Instead of diagonally.

      So even if she flipped the rack over, the bottles would still hang downward. Nonetheless I still extend Great Kudos to her - for a nice intended design, an an excellent first build attempt.

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