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How to Clean Your Bathroom in 7 Minutes or Less

Most of my readers know that I try to be efficient. I'm not one of those women who just LOVES to clean. I do love a clean house and once I get going I feel great that I'm doing it, but if I can take less time cleaning the same space, I'm all for it. I've come up with a system that makes cleaning both of my bathrooms take less than 15 minutes. Deep cleaning the tub and shower takes longer, but if you want to quickly go over them, it will only take an additional few minutes to the 7 I've mentioned. I've included how I clean the tub and shower as optional steps if you have the time.
Time: 7 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
Follow these steps quickly and you will have a clean bathroom in 7 minutes or less.
What you will need:
Grab some paper towels.
You'll also want to have rubber gloves, and cleaning supplies for the tub, shower, toilet, mirror and counter. You can use vinegar and baking soda to do everything you need in the bathroom. This also saves on time and money. (However, if someone in your household is sick you will want to use more powerful disinfectants.)
Start the stop watch and begin.
1- Quickly take everything off of the counter top (put it away), lift the rugs (shake them out) and pull the garbage can and everything that goes on the floor and counters out of the bathroom. I just set mine outside of the bathroom on the floor.
2- Apply cleaning solutions in this order.
the shower walls (optional)
the tub (optional)
the toilet bowl See how to do this with baking soda and vinegar here
the toilet rims and base
the counter top
the mirror
Vinegar water can be used on the mirrors, if you have glass around the shower it will clean that, on the toilet rims and base, counter tops, sink and the floor. I use the baking soda in the toilet and tub. See how to clean the toilet here. For the tub, clean it similarly to the toilet, just sprinkle about 3/4 Cup all over the tub and pour about 2 cups vinegar on top. It will fizzle up and clean well while fizzing.
3- Now work in reverse. Clean what you put the cleaning solutions on last. Grab a paper towel and clean the mirror. Then clean off the counter tops and the sink.
Next use a brush and clean the bowl of the toilet, grab a few more paper towels and wipe the toilet rims and base (working from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest).
4- Then get on hands and knees and spray floor with vinegar water. Clean starting from the furthest corner working your way out to the hall. If you added cleaner to your tub and shower quickly scrub and wipe them up last.
For full instruction, check out my blog post linked below:

To see more: http://livelikeyouarerich.com/how-to-clean-your-bathroom-in-7-minutes-or-less

Ask the creator about this project

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Jul 8, 2015

    Note to self: Clean bathroom this weekend! ;p thanks for sharing!

  • B. Enne
    B. Enne Canada
    on Jul 8, 2015

    Good tips...I personally prefer to not go in reverse order, so my homemade solution cleans longer, but then again my bathrooms are small :)

    • B. Enne
      B. Enne Canada
      on Jul 12, 2015

      @Andrea Yes I figured that was the case, but I still prefer to go back to the beginning. :)

  • Mary Hall
    Mary Hall Manchester, PA
    on Jul 12, 2015

    Before I do any spraying, I have to vaccuum the floor first, else all I do is wipe hair around the room. It's much easier to vaccuum it off the floor while everything is dry, than it is to try to wipe it up. If everyone in your house has short hair (or is bald!) and you don't have any pets, then maybe your situation is different.

  • Annette Seargeant
    Annette Seargeant Athens, TN
    on Jul 12, 2015

    Nothing better

  • Some may not have known about the vinegar and baking soda but do we really need directions on how to clean!

    • Katherine Howard Jones
      Katherine Howard Jones Roseburg, OR
      on Jul 12, 2015

      @Christine Lukasczyk Joseph - before I read your comment I just printed this off for my young teen aged son! He is doing chores this summer and as I am at work, it easier for him to read this than remember what I said.

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