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Spring Cleaning for Dog Owners!

Now, when you have animals, you’re pretty much guaranteed that they will shed. Just a fact of life, right? But between a white dog and a black cat…I vacuum and lint-brush-roll and dust multiple times during the week. And when it’s time to get new living room furniture? I’m TOTALLY done with microfiber. I just CAN’T anymore.
If you have dog and it’s cleaning time maybe it’s appropriate to make some changes. Dogs are a lot of fun but they have the problem of litter and hair, and if you aren’t careful they might cause disasters in your home. It’s true that dogs will make your life happier and more peaceful, but think about the cleaning problems. In order to handle the problems you will encounter you should know how to organize your household in advance to handle the care of your dog properly.
Besides, spring is the perfect time for cleaning. It’s actually the most appropriate time of the year for major changes and why not?!
1. You should consider your hygiene and the dog’s hygiene at the same time
2. Follow the natural rhythms
3. Organization is key
For all the details, head over to the blog post!
MY own sweet doggy!
And we've thrown a cat into the mix, too!

To see more: http://theroadtodomestication.com/2015/05/11/spring-cleaning-for-dog-owners/

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