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Acid-Staining Concrete - Step-by-Step!

I've seen on Pinterest (as I’m sure you have, too) a few different images of acid-stained concrete, and I thought it was interesting! Yes, I even thought it might work for our porches, but I knew nothing about it. So I did some research...
See these beautiful rooms?! THIS is what I was going for! And instead I had this...
Nasty concrete tiles on my back porch that you go slip-sliding on when they get wet at all...
...and these ridiculous tiles on my front porch, complete with GROUT. I HATE GROUT.
So, I found a great step-by-step infographic that takes you from preparation all the way to sealing! (And tells you about all the "ingredients", too!) Check it out on the blog post!

To see more: http://theroadtodomestication.com/2015/05/13/why-would-you-acid-stain-concrete/

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