10 Incredible Things You Can Do With Paper Napkins

What do a boring chest of drawers, a thrift store basket, and a $1 candle have in common? All of them are dying for to be decoupaged! And we've know the best material for the job -- paper napkins!
The next time you’re cleaning up after a cookout, use the leftover clean paper napkins to cover any plain decor, from picnic baskets, to table tops! Here's some inspiration:

1. Dollar Tree Bread Basket

Project via Gail @[url=http://plumperfectandme.blogspot.co.il/2015/03/decoupaged-bread-basket-la-dollar-tree.html]Purple Hues and Me[/url]
This Hometalker was sick of searching for the perfect place to display her baked goods, so she created her own with a basket and napkins from the Dollar Tree. The best part? Her creative idea immediately went viral!

2. Distressed and Decoupaged Dresser

Project via Alli @[url=http://refunkmyjunk.com/decoupage/]Refunk My Junk[/url]
After combining her two favorite looks - aged wood and vintage flowers - this DIYer created a naplin decoupage dresser update that could win furniture flip awards. And it’s even crazier when you see what it looked like before!

3. Upcycled Candle Sleeve

Project via Robin @[url=http://redoityourselfinspirations.blogspot.co.il/]Redo It Yourself Inspirations[/url]
With a cut up soda bottle and a paper napkin, one crafter created a candle sleeve design that works for any holiday or event. For a budget-friendly decoration, make your own with her instructions.

4. Boho Blue Table

Project via June @[url=http://nostalgiecat.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/saturday-diy-tutorial_13.html]Nostalgiecat[/url]
Ok, a basket is understandable, but how someone managed to cover their entire tabletop in bold patterned paper napkins is flat out unimaginable. On a mission to turn this table from plain to extraordinary (and isn’t it?!), this Hometalker saved these paper napkins for over a year before this transformation.

5. Flowerpot from Recycling

Project via Gail @[url=http://plumperfectandme.blogspot.co.il/2015/04/recycle-veggie-can-into-watering-can.html]Purple Hues and Me[/url]
Don’t toss your empty tin cans - instead, copy this upcycling queen, and turn a food can, a paper towel roll, and some paper napkin pieces into a look-alike vintage watering can - the perfect spot for displaying summer blooms!

6. Faux Marble Filing Cabinet

Project via Alexis @[url=http://persialou.com/2014/07/marble-paper-filing-cabinet.html]Persia Lou[/url]
When you find a pattern you like, you can turn it into anything, even a new front for a banged-up set of filing cabinets! Whether you’re using some pretty scrapbook paper or an especially striking stack of paper napkins, make use of the beauty you find.

7. Floral Picnic Basket

Project via Jeanie @[url=http://createandbabble.com/picnic-basket-makeover/]Create & Babble[/url]
The only thing better than a summer picnic, is a summer picnic with a basket as whimsical and wonderful as this! Use extra paper napkins to give your ancient picnic tote a fresh new face for the season.

8. Flower Framed Mirror

Project via Alyssa @[url=http://www.myclevernest.com/2013/02/decoupaged-mirror-with-napkins-winner.html]Clever Nest[/url]
Cover a boring mirror frame in colorful paper napkins, to instantly turn it into eye-catching decor, and make it match any color scheme or design style easily!
...And our favorite projects from across the internet are...

9. Covered Brass Drawer Pulls

Project via [url=http://inmyownstyle.com/2012/08/how-to-update-brass-drawer-pulls.html]In My Own Style[/url]
This quick a simple hardware update is a stroke of design genius! Can you imagine an easier way to add bold patterns and bright colors to a beloved piece of furniture? This accenting idea is just perfect!

10. Colorful Tile Coasters

Project via [url=http://www.curbly.com/users/diy-maven/posts/6125-curbly-video-using-paper-napkins-to-make-decorative-tile-coasters]Curbly[/url]
Turn leftover tiles into pretty coaster, by simply coating them in paper napkins and Mod Podge! With a pack of napkins, you can easily create a complete set of coasters, great for displaying on your coffee table or gifting to a friend.
So, which is your favorite? Share your ideas with us so that we can all turn our extra paper napkins into incredible decor!
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  • Simone
    on Aug 23, 2018

    when using napkins to do your dresser and you used a darker color nakin on a darker wood, sanding wont make it look aweful?

  • Rita
    on Jan 10, 2019

    hello, my name is rita, i'm Italian, my question is what is MOD PODGE,? Please, I can't go in my Italian shop and ask for MOD PODGE, it wouldn't be understood.



    • Alan M Chin-A-Loi
      on Apr 30, 2019

      Hi Rita, mod podge you can make yourself also from what you have in your kitchen. Just mix white flower with water.

  • Virginia
    on Mar 5, 2019

    Can you do this on plastic storage containers? If so how?

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    I am wondering if I can decoupage an old glass ceiling lamp shade .. it is not clear but frosted ....should I put the design on inside of the shade or the outside it is square. I can see pattern thru frost and with the light on its more noticeable. will it hold up if I do the outside I'll be using a napkin that fits square beautifully and I do not want to cut the napkin.
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