What to do with outdated firewood carrier?

Any ideas on how to repurpose this into something usable?
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repurpose in the garden maybe?
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  • Fab and Pretty Fab and Pretty on Jul 13, 2015
    As for uses...well fruit,potatoes and onions,a couple of rolled up lap blankets in the family room,do you knit...balls of yarn,mittens at the front door in the winter,toilet paper,Guest Towels a nice refinishing idea...there are so many cool french country idea's. You could paint it out white bottom, black top and a cool french transfer on the outer sides maybe even the inside.....

  • Jill Cannon Jill Cannon on Jul 13, 2015
    You could try stacking some cute throws/blankets in it, which would be especially cozy looking for fall and winter. Or like you said, set it outdoors and use it as a planter.

  • AmericanWoman AmericanWoman on Jul 13, 2015
    I think Jill Cannon has a great idea. You could paint the base if you wanted to. But I like to paint nearly everything.

  • Christine Christine on Jul 13, 2015
    Continuing along the lines of Jill's comment. .. paint it a fun color and use it as a magazine or towel/soap/shampoo, etc. holder in a guest bathroom or bedroom. Or, fill it with fresh pine branches and pine cones, etc. for a fragrant Christmas decoration.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jul 13, 2015
    Nice suggestions above.

  • Ella Greene Ella Greene on Jul 14, 2015
    I have one of these,,but it would seem too heavy for most things. I like the painting different colors for top and underneath..still holding on to mine. Its a brass color, and I have set it on or near the hearth with lots of glittered cones in the fall-winter..but my two cats just have the cones all over everything! :) Stepping on a cone at night is not fun. Tried styro Christmas balls and they had a 'ball' with that idea!

  • Theresa Sisson Theresa Sisson on Jul 14, 2015
    paint it a pretty color and arrange fake flowers in it

  • Fairooz Fairooz on Jul 14, 2015
    Find a wide/short plant pot to put inside it?

  • Jennifer Mccorkell Jennifer Mccorkell on Jul 14, 2015
    Hang it in a tree and use as bird feeder

  • I love mine!! I spray painted it black and it's full of wood next to my fireplace. Love it.

  • Caryn Caryn on Jul 14, 2015
    paint it and lay your magazines in it next to your chair or extra throws or a little dog bed. There are lots of uses still. roll towels and leave it near your tub,

  • Elisabet Elisabet on Jul 14, 2015
    make a drainhole and plant REAL flowers and plants in it

  • Gail Sisson Gail Sisson on Jul 14, 2015
    I would make an arrangement of dried flowers in it and place in in front of the fire place. You could change the arrangement with the season change and it would be lovely for Xmas you could fill it with pine cones and tinsel or birch tree branches and spray it with artificial snow and maybe put in a couple of handmade snowmen or gingerbread men or even candy canes. Oh the possibilities are endless good luck

  • Joan Morris Joan Morris on Jul 14, 2015
    would make a great planter for an ivy plant. Train the vines around the handle...

  • Marcy Marcy on Jul 15, 2015
    make a pet bed out of it or a doll bed,

  • Mimi Mimi on Aug 08, 2015
    You could roll up a bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth and put it in a guest room or bathroom.Tie a pretty ribbon on the handle and let it stream down.