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DIY Doily Medallion From Upcycled Doily and Paper Plate

Wall Medallions have grown so popular the last year. I love the look of medallions on the wall, but haven't lucked out in finding one for the right price. Instead, I thought I could try my hand at making one.
Wall medallions can be any size, but I went with a smaller framed version. You can try your hand at all sorts of sizes depending on the size of your supplies.
I first sprayed the doily and the plate with an adhesive. Wait a few seconds, per the instructions on the adhesive, and then attach the doily to the bottom side of the plate. If you are planning on using a bright color of spray paint, I would suggest that you spray the plate prior to adhering the doily. You will spray the entire piece again after you attach your knob.
Poke a hole through the plate and insert an old knob to act as the medallion's center. You don't have to do this part; however, it will give your medallion a vintage flair. Spray your medallion with your desired color.
I opted to mount my medallion to a shadow box frame, but you could hang your medallion on your wall without a frame. The medallion can be used in any decor style. For me, I love bold colors and opted to mount the medallion to a fabric covered board.
This art piece looks fabulous against my dark powder room wall color. I tried a few other areas and share those on my blog. I welcome you to check out my blog and enjoy 14 other DIY wall art ideas offered by 14 amazingly creative bloggers.

To see more: http://www.casawatkins.net/2015/07/diy-wall-art-blog-hop-doily-medallion.html

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