Shed Converted to Chicken Coop

When we expanded our flock, we needed to add more space. Check out how we turned a 8 x 10 shed into a great chicken coop that is cute and functional.
We bought the shed used so we had to go disassemble it and then reassemble it in our yard. We used sand to level the ground and then Styrofoam sheet insulation to keep it from sinking.
A little over half is dedicated to storage. All the supplies used to be on the back porch so I love that everything is all in one place now with the birds.
An old wagon holds galvanized tin trash cans that contain chicken feed: cracked corn in one, crumble in the other. A third on the other side of the self holds other things like oyster shell and gravel and oats.
The shelf in the corner is an old portable greenhouse shelf. I have been using it for the chickens for a few years. It will last even longer now that it is not exposed to any elements. It was at the end of my back porch previously.
The top shelf has a few decorative touches like the flowers and the little chicken candle holder. The galvanized bucket and green basket both hold feathers. When I find nice ones, I put them in here. I use them for all sorts of crafts. The enamelware pan keeps the eggs from rolling away while I am tending the flock. I cut the seams off a couple burlap sacks and draped them over the shelves to conceal some of the storage. The bottom shelves contain a tote of straw, buckets and such.
The other side is living space for the chickens.
These plastic bins are screwed to the board for nesting boxes. They are very easy to clean and our hens like them. We added a board for a perch in front of them after I took the photo.
There is a little doorway from this coop to the "courtyard" and the first smaller coop.
There are 2 roosting perches. Each coop has feeders and a waterer so the chickens can eat wherever they are. We added aluminum bars to the windows so they could not fit out of the window.
Here are the newest members of the flock. We had 8 Bantam chickens before. We added these 2 Aracaunas this spring. We had one rooster and 7 hens. We were hoping these two would add 2 more hens. We are pretty sure the buff colored one is a rooster....Uh oh. Hopefully there is enough space for the whole flock to get along. To see more, click on the blog post below.

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Brooke Bock

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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2 questions
  • Linda
    on Jun 8, 2017

    Hi. I was worried about my shed floor, but it looks like you have tile or linoleum. How does the flock hold up in winter. My shed is not insulated? Thanks for your article.
    • Brooke Bock
      on Jun 8, 2017

      Our floor is just the plastic floor that came with the shed. It has held up well. I just scoop up the wood chips and waste with a dust pan and periodically use a leaf blower to blow the dust out. Our shed is not insulated either. We have a light on a timer for heat and light. We also put burlap over the small chicken doors in the winter to minimize cold air blowing in.
  • R.m32584028
    on Feb 2, 2018

    Is your Shed plastic or metal?

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  • Linda
    on Oct 7, 2016

    I love your coop its easy to keep clean and its practice. One question though, how big is the shed? What brand is it?

    • Brooke Bock
      on Oct 8, 2016

      It is about 8X10 feet but I am not sure of the brand/model/make. We bought it from a friend that was moving so we had to go disassemble it and then bring it home and reassemble it here.

  • Denise Freeman
    on Jun 9, 2018

    I have horse stall mats on the floor of my coop that helps insulate in the colder months. Plus they are really easy to clean.

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