Asked on Feb 3, 2013

Faux Mercury Glass

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I am going to make a faux mercury glass vase... is it ok to have it as a 'vase' with real flowers/plant? Will it kill the plant... or will the paint chip off? Using Looking Glass Paint
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  • Looking glass paint can be applied on the inside OR outside of the vase. . . use the OUTSIDE and you won't need to worry about the flowers.

  • GreenSoil
    on Feb 4, 2013

    Hello I have to agree you want to use the paint on the "outside" of your vase or container.

  • Hello, I haven't tried this, but I would suggest using poly to seal And protect the finish if you applied it to the inside of the vase. However, at my florist we simply use a liner to protect delicate finishes inside vases. We use cellophane. You could even use a Ziplock bag for a liner, especially for the water application. Hope this helps!

  • Diana Parker Jones
    on Feb 5, 2013

    Thank you all for the advice. I painted the outside and it looks great!!! Now, onto doing the old window the same way! :) Appreciate the help.

    • 153091
      on Jul 8, 2015

      @Diana Parker Jones when you paint the inside, just place large paper cup or a drinking glass that will fit down inside for water.

  • Do you have any pictures? We would love to see how it turned out.

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