11 Genius Organizing Hacks for the Most "Type A" Person in Your Life

Sick of tripping on wires, sorting through cleaning supply cabinets, and digging in utensil drawers? In the immortal words of Kimberly Wilkins, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” That's why we collected some of Hometalk’s most popular (and simply genius) organizing hacks to get your home in order, and save you time and energy. Even the most Type A person you know isn’t this organized!

1. Turn Dollar Store cooling racks into stow-away spice storage

Project via Lori @[url=http://www.thestonybrookhouse.com/2015/02/easy-1-diy-spice-racks.html]The Stonybrook House[/url]
Keep your pantry and counter tops clear, with stow-able spice storage (for just $1). Put these easy racks inside cabinet or pantry doors, so they're easy to grab but safe from cooking heat.

2. Use tension rods for above sink storage

Project via Isabelle @[url=http://www.engineeryourspace.com/small-kitchen-ideas-tension-rod-above-sink/]Engineer Your Space[/url]
Do you ever find yourself dripping water across your kitchen as you search for the closest hand towel? This nifty hack will end that messy practice for good!

3. ...And under sink organization

Project via Tracy @[url=http://www.madefrompinterest.net/organize-with-a-tension-rod/]Made from Pinterest[/url]
Corral those spray bottles using a tension rod, so that you don’t waste time digging for the right one every time you clean.

4. Store spice, sauce, or soup mix packets in old Ziplock boxes

Project via Bonnie @[url=http://www.oursecondhandhouse.com/2015/02/craft-challenge-pantry-organizer.html]Our Secondhand House[/url]
Those sandwich bag containers are the perfect size to keep your stock of packets from getting lost in your pantry, and this pretty-up process is an easy way to make them look good.

5. Hide hard-to-store items in the back of your closet with cable straps

Project via Donna @[url=http://larsend6.wix.com/donna-larsen-designs]Donna Larsen Designs[/url]
Bags, gowns, a silky scarf collection - if it doesn’t have a spot in your closet, then, rather than stowing it out of sight, hang it on the back wall behind your clothes with a cable strap.

6. Keep your phone in your pocket or in this spot

Project via Maggie @[url=http://polkadotsinthecountry.com/2015/05/guest-postcharging-station/]Polka Dots in the Country[/url]
This is the last time you put down your phone, only to search the house top to bottom for it a minute later. Anytime your phone is not in use or in your pocket, keep it sitting or charging in this handy holder.

7. Make a jar storage shelf, to keep odds and ends out of the way

Project via Kelsey @[url=http://www.poofycheeks.com/2012/08/mason-jar-storage-shelf-tutorial.html]Poofy Cheeks[/url]
Whether it’s for office supplies, crafts supplies, or even ice cream toppings, this clever hack gives you a 2-in-1 shelf with invulnerable storage.

8. Organize shoes with folded cardboard boxes

Project via Ananda @[url=http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/diy-shoe-rack/]A Piece of Rainbow[/url]
We all know what it’s like to dig that hidden pump out from under the heap of heels and flats. Fix your closet fiasco without spending a dime, with this space-saving cardboard box solution.

9. Streamline your pantry and get rid of open bags and boxes with creamer containers

Project via Carol and Randi @[url=http://www.frugelegance.com/simply-organizing-coffee-creamer-containers/]FrugElegance[/url]
No more spilling bags of grains, baking ingredients, or snacks - these coffee creamer bottles are the perfect, uniform way to store and use your goods.

10. Corral cords with corks

Project via Kim @[url=http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2015/02/bungee-and-wine-cork-cord-ties.html]Kim Six Fix[/url]
Bring order to tangled phone chargers and stray computer cords, with a simple upcycle using a bit of bungee and a spare cork.

11. Add a pegboard to your kitchen wall

Project via Erin and Emily @[url=http://elizabethjoandesigns.com/2015/06/kitchen-pegboard/]Elizabeth Joan Designs[/url]
Instead of storing utensils in drawers where they’re bound to get jumbled and disorganized, keep everything in it’s rightful spot (and looking like a store display), with a pegboard on the wall.
Well, we’re headed to grab some tension rods and get down to organizing! Which hack are you planning to try first?

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  • Linda L Moore
    on Nov 25, 2015

    In organizing purses and other items at the back of a closet, you recommend using cable straps. What are cable straps and where do I find them?

    • Anita Grant
      on Mar 18, 2016

      Click on the blue words "hang it on the back wall" it will take you to another page that shows them

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  • Liz Sojanna
    on Nov 9, 2016

    Tension rod holder.

  • Melissa Youngman
    on Jul 28, 2017

    Much easier than making your own bungee ties (who has bungee rope around?!)...... store your extension cords in empty toilet paper tubes! Really long ones might need a paper towel tube.
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