9 Amazing Garden Edge Ideas From Wildly Creative People

Remember that edging post that everyone went crazy for? That was one gorgeous way to flatter your flower beds, and it got us wondering what other people do.
Photo via Jenna @[url=http://www.jennaburger.com/2015/05/the-perfect-border-for-your-beds/]Jenna Burger Designs[/url]
Well, we looked around, and you won't believe the edging ideas we found! These are so outrageous, we had to ask - has anyone ever done them?!
We’re dying to see if these amazing flower bed borders have ever been braved by a real life person, or, better yet, by a Hometalker! Take a look at what we found, and If you see something you’ve tried before, tell us all about it in the comments.
Are you ready? Hold on to your sun hat, cause these are wild!

1. Succulents and pipes

Photo via [url=http://floradoragardens.blogspot.co.il/2011/11/meadow-creek-house-seattle.html]Flora Dora Gardens[/url]
Combining rustic charm and (our all time favorite) succulents is about as swoon-worthy as a garden border can get.

2. Old wheels

Photo via the [url=http://www.thegardenglove.com/more-garden-edging-9-creative-ideas/]Garden Glove[/url]
If you’ve got a collection of old wheels and machinery from farm vehicles, why not turn them into flower bed edging, for the perfect mix of shabby shabby and showy.

3. Blue bottle wall

Photo via [url=http://www.bhg.com/gardening/design/styles/create-a-nonstop-border/]Better Homes & Gardens[/url]
After a bit of collecting, you too can do something this cool. Imagine that stained glass effect when the sun hits just the right spot!

4. Low gabion

Photo via [url=http://www.greenlandscapestoenvy.com/FUNKY-PURPLE.html]Green Landscapes to Envy[/url]
So much more attractive than a solid wall or even a pile of stones, this wire-wrapped display is attention orderly and attention grabbing (especially when you throw in that purple fence!)

5. Pebble moat

Photo via [url=http://www.earp.co.za/]EARP Construction[/url]
Breaking up a garden or lawn with white, smooth stones, creates interesting contrast as well as order.

6. Terra cotta pots

Photo via [url=http://medfingrarnaijorden.blogspot.de/]Om Mig[/url]
There are tons of fun things you can do with terra cotta pots, but putting them to work in your edge design is way up there.

7. Assorted bottles

Photo via [url=http://www.charlottehupfieldceramics.com/2012/05/13/recycled-glass-bottle-garden-border/]Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics[/url]
Pushing bottles fully into the ground means you’re not inhibiting the garden view, and you're building a wall against deeper-digging plants that could otherwise escape to the lawn.

8. Tree trunks

Photo via [url=http://pammiejoandfriends.blogspot.co.il/2009/08/thrifty-collection-beer-bottle-path.html]Pammie Joan and Friends[/url]
With a glass bottle pathway, you may not expect any more ingenuity, but, of course, these creative gardeners also added heavy logs to keep their flower lines straight.

9. Dinner plates

Photo via [url=http://deardaisycottage.typepad.com/daisy_cottage/2009/04/meet-kelee-of-the-katillac-shack.html]Dear Daisy Cottage[/url]
Put a set of thrift store plates to good use (as long as they’re not true antiques), by breaking up you flower bed with pretty plate edging.
So, what’s the verdict? Have you tried any of these outrageous garden edging ideas? If so (or if you’re planning to), tell us all about it below!

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