Asked on Feb 6, 2013

I have a very old upright piano which has been in the family for over fifty year. The piano does play.



I want to keep the piano be repuposing it. Would like to maybe take it apart and make something smaller. Any suggestion would be appeireciated
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  • 3po3
    on Feb 6, 2013

    Did you mean the piano doesn't play? If it still plays, it seems like a school or nursing home or something in your area might love it. If you really want to take it apart, this was an interesting project:

  • Yair Spolter
    on Feb 6, 2013

    Hi Judy, if you're looking for something really unique, here's an idea that you probably would not have come up with on your own :-)

  • Z
    on Feb 13, 2013

    I've seen them turned into bars. You might try and Google Upright Piano Repurpose or other phrases to see what you can find. I also think they'd make a great puppet theater for an elementary chool or Sunday School.

  • Mary Ebeling
    on Nov 11, 2013

    I just brought home my OLD upright piano from my parents farm....hoping to come up with SOMETHING to make from it. I've seen benches and desks made from them...but was hoping for something more unique. What did you end up doing with yours? We cannot find a way to take this one it's too heavy to lift into the house as a whole unit!

  • Becca Dowda
    on Mar 19, 2015

    A hidden bar. Or a really cool mantle for a gas log fireplace. Or a faux fireplace with candles for atmosphere! It will be a great focal point!!

    • Ranger
      on Jan 4, 2016

      @Becca Dowda I like the idea of taking the strings etc out of the piano and making it a bar! The lid over the keys would make a cool place to mix drinks.

  • Paulette Schmidt
    on Jul 9, 2015

    So what did you DO?

  • PainterNoni
    on Nov 28, 2015

    I have always wanted to dismantle an old upright. I would get the strings detensioned and use the harp as a garden sculture. the strings could also be the warp of a weaving using outdoor materials of some sort. One could basiclaly cut the piano in half horizontally to build a bench or trunk. Fancy legs could be affixed to a wall with a pretty top.

  • JodiJeanne
    on Jan 11, 2016

    I have seen them made into desks (Check Pinterest)... It's still the same size. Cut down and make into small desk? bench??

  • Linda
    on Jan 12, 2016

    Older piano's do not keep tune. My piano that I had as a little girl and my children took lessons on was taken apart and the wood which was mahogany used to make picture frames for the family pictures. The keyboard cover was used as a shelf. We took the strings and used them to decorate the frames. It looked very unique and still let me have "my" piano. It's hard to let it go, but it's hard to have a piano "furniture" and another piano to play. All in all it turned out good!

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