Brian Campbell, Basswood Artisan Carpentry
Brian Campbell, Basswood Artisan Carpentry
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Costs of Doing Business

People have a hard time wrapping their heads around the costs of the skilled trades. I have about 3 grand just in router bits to do the work I do. Here is a photo of some of the bits I use most commonly. I spent most of my evenings this past week sharpening the bits with straight cutters (22 of them), by hand, on a diamond stone. Carbide is too hard to sharpen with regular sharpening stones. The bits with
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  • @World Contracting LLC I have about 100 bits, the photo shows 28. I have managed to match most historic profiles with a combination of router bits, saw cuts and sanding. For some, I have had custom cutters made for the cutter heads at a local millwork shop. One advantage of the old high speed steel router bits, over the new carbide tipped bits, is that they can be reground for custom millwork.

  • World Contracting LLC
    on Feb 7, 2013

    I thought it was you, but maybe it was Leo, a few years back on CT ordering up a few customs for some historical recreation/restoration... either way, nice article/blog

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