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Incorrect WMI (Wind Mitigation Inspection) and Florida roofing codes

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Long story short, we had a WMI done about 3 years ago and were told by the inspector (via form and personally) that the roof installed in 4/2012 met the Florida Building Code 2001, but also consisted of a roof-deck attachment of 8d nails spaced 6" in the field.
Late last year, our homeowner's insurance company did their own WMI and today, we acquired a copy of the new report which states that our roof doesn't meet either the FBC 2001, nor the pre-existing SFBC-94 code AND consists of a roof-deck attachment of 6d nails spaced 12" in the field.
According to what I've found online, since the roof was reroofed (by a previous owner) after the permit date of 3/2012 (the permit was applied for 4/2012), are we illegally out of code? If so, what do we do?
I have to be honest: I'm REALLY stressing out about this because this discrepancy is costing us an extra $1K a year in insurance premiums. So I freely admit that I'm probably casting about for whatever remedy I can find to lessen or mitigate our HI costs.
Any advice? Please? Thanks much in advance!
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  • So your saying that the roof was done and inspected and according to the township it met the current code(s) that they were basing their inspection on. You also stated that some other owner re-roofed the home three years later and it did not meet code? I am a bit confused on this. Why was the roof done again in such a short time? In any case if the roof was just done within the last year, and the township inspected it, not just that the permits were pulled, They must have inspected and passed it, I would take the report to the township inspector and ask them whats up? They either failed to inspect the house correctly, and just passed the install without looking at it, then I would seek the advice of a attorney, You may have recourse against the township on this. Or you or someone else paid the roofing company to bring the roof up to code as it had to be in order to pass inspection and get them to come back and fix it as I assume you paid someone or someone paid them to do the job correctly.

  • Euroshake
    on Feb 7, 2013 Hopefully this information helps clarify your WMI report or is a contact for further clarification or assistance

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