Just Say NO to As Seen On TV Spicy Shelf Organizer..and YES to DIY!!!

2 Materials
5 Minutes

Depending on the size of your cabinet, you can get 2-4 of these DIY spice shelves for around $3.00.

Why pay $24.99 (on sale at JC Penney's) when $3.00 and a few minutes in your garage/workshop can create something better?

For less than $3.00 (8ft 1X2"), a few cuts and some wood glue you can create this. Just measure the width of the cabinet back, cut your first board to that length. Measure the cabinet to the front, minus the width of your back piece and cut 2 additional lengths for the sides. I chose to round the inside corner. I lightly sanded with one of those sponge sander blocks and glued the side pieces to the end piece. I clamped them real tight and made sure they were good and flat.  How simple is that!!! When selecting your board, choose one with the fewest amount of knots possible, and good clean grain in the wood. Most stores will actually cut the board for you if you don't have a tool at home (some will do it for free - other have a small charge).

I did have to cut the right side of the side piece a little shorter to allow for the cabinet door hinge. I also rounded the end a little to give a cleaner look. Best part is they are totally adjustable as your future needs change. Using the pin holes already in my cabinet sides, I just put the pin support where I want the shelf, and put the shelf down on it.

Now no more emptying half the cabinet to get that spice bottle/can way in the back. I think we all agree...maximizing our cabinet space is a must....especially for the little things.

I am considering doing a larger version in the cabinet with my dishes for the mugs. We don't use mugs often, but like them for hot beverages on cold winter nights. They take up a lot of shelf space!!!

Suggested materials:

  • 8 ft 1"X2" board
  • Wood Glue

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3 questions
  • Big25533584
    on Jun 18, 2017

    How can I order the items needed to build these spice racks??
    • Ijensen
      on Oct 18, 2017

      I used the little shelf pins to hold up the shelf. Most cabinets have the shelf holes you put the pin in on both sides, one to the front and one hole to the back on each side (so 4 for each shelf). The wood shelf is just glued together. If you go to a lumber yard, they will have the 1X2" boards and they will usually cut the lengths for you if you know the size you need.
  • RW
    on Oct 24, 2018

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I just looked at a lot of different ideas and am planning to do this immediately. My cabinet is a lot narrower than yours. It'll still work, and no worrying about how to attach it -- shelves added are even adjustable!

    Wish you'd shared what you used for joinery at the butt joint of sides and rear piece. What did YOU use? Kind of small for a biscuit joint. Dowels? I don't see any cleats under. Screwed in from the rear? Kreg jig on the side or below? (Seems narrow for that.) I get hung up on the choices.

    • RW
      on Nov 8, 2018

      Thank you so much. I over complicated it. I never imagined glue alone would hold the joint but I do realize it's not very weight-bearing.

  • Tanya Whatley Owens
    Tanya Whatley Owens
    on Apr 13, 2020

    I don't have the pegs to put the shelf on in my cabinet, so I will have to make legs. How far from the bottom of the cabinet is it to the bottom of your first shelf? And then how many inches from top of the bottom shelf to the bottom of the regular shelf above it? Just trying to make it easier for me with out having to do all the measuring. Yours look to be the perfect height. Thank you for sharing this idea.

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  • Catherine Thurman
    Catherine Thurman
    on Mar 9, 2019

    Great 👍 job

  • Carol Wilke
    Carol Wilke
    on Nov 27, 2020

    We just got new cabinets and I tried that plastic Spice thing-y and hated it. So I found this post and my husband is out in the building making 2 of these now. He's making them out of some pine that he already had and he is making it in one piece -- not 3. He finished one and it looks great. Totally free and better! I'll post pics when done.

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