11 Surprising Uses For All Of The Things Laying Around Your House

Got any of these lying around? You know - old pairs of jeans, untouched casserole dish covers, bulky picture frames? It's time to pull that stuff out of the storage, because we've got a couple of amazing ways for you to finally use your rainy-day clutter!
(If you see an idea you love but don't have the item to make it, no worries - you can easily find most of these upcycle-ables at your local thrift store!)

1. Turn Casserole Dishes Into Bird Feeders

Photo via Sarah @[url=http://www.sadieseasongoods.com/thrifted-glass-lid-hanging-bird-bath/]Sadie Seasongoods[/url]
If you've got too many casserole dish tops to use, here's an easy and inexpensive upcycle that will bring feather friends to your summer garden (win-win)!

2. Turn a Thrift Store Colander Into a Succulent Planter

Photo via April @[url=http://www.housebyhoff.com/2014/05/old-colander-succulent-planter/]House by Hoff[/url]
Free some space in your kitchen cabinet by turning that old colander you never use into a cute succulent planter with plenty of built-in drainage!

3. Turn a Plastic Watering Can Into a Door Hanger

Photo via Lisa @[url=http://concordcottage.com/watering-can-door-hanger/]Concord Cottage[/url]
If you've got a cheap plastic watering can lying around, here's a great door hanger design to give your home a pop of pretty.

4. Turn Your Bandanas Into Bowl Covers

Photo via Sarah @[url=http://www.sadieseasongoods.com/vintage-bandana-bowl-covers/]Sadie Seasongoods[/url]
There's not a house in the world that doesn't have a bandana stowed away somewhere - turn yours into easy bowl covers, perfect for summer picnics and outdoor fun.

5. Turn an Old Ladder Into a Bookcase

Photo via Dami
If your ladder is looking ready for retirement, turn it into a rustic shelf, perfect for books, board games, or sweet knick-knacks.

6. Turn an Oatmeal Container Into Chic Storage

Photo via Bethany @[url=http://www.thesoutherncouture.com/upcycled-hair-accessory-organizer-from-oats-container/]Southern Couture[/url]
Dump whatever's left of your oatmeal into a sandwich bag and turn that conveniently tall container into a surprisingly classy accessory organizer! It's easy to do, and after you've done one, you'll start saving all different sized cans to add to your collection.

7. Turn Extra Picture Frames Into an Herb Drying Rack

Photo via Lisa @[url=http://www.fresheggsdaily.com/2013/05/diy-tiered-herb-drying-rack-using.html]Fresh Eggs Daily[/url]
If you like to keep a little herb garden, this clever picture frame hack will help you dry those leaves out so you can add them to your pantry. Talk about gourmet on a budget!

8. Turn a Tea Set Into a Charming Lamp

Photo via Lacey @[url=http://featheringmynest.ca/2015/04/14/teacup-lamp-tutorial/]Feathering My Nest[/url]
Turn a collection of delicate teacups into sweet tabletop lighting that your guests will marvel at. If you don't have a set of your own to tinker with, check your local thrift store - you're sure to find some there.

9. Turn Worn-Out Jeans Into a Hanging Organizer

Photo via Amy @[url=http://stowandtellu.com/blue-jean-hanging-travel-organizer/]Stow & Tell U[/url]
Ok, so you're obviously not still wearing those worn-out jeans, but instead of just keeping them tucked away for sentimental reasons, turn them into a closet organizer that will actually help you get a handle on some of your bedroom clutter!

10. Turn Cheap Glass Containers Into Concrete Garden Orbs

Photo via Charlotte @[url=http://www.ciburbanity.com/]Ciburbanity[/url]
We all know how in concrete is these days, but did you also know that you can make concrete decor of your own using cheap glass containers as a mold? Use that clutter today to dress up your garden!

11. Turn an Ordinary Glass Vase Into a Gold Stunner

Project via Stephanie @[url=http://www.casawatkins.net/2015/07/diy-gold-leaf-vase-makeover.html]Casa Watkins[/url]
Flowers make anything beautiful, but you can add to your floral displays easily, by taking those boring glass vases that you keep in the closet or under the sink, and giving them a faux gold-leaf makeover.
What clutter have you upcycled lately? Share your brilliant uses and re-uses with us in the comments!

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    Love this idea! I have a watering can and Im gonna try it!

  • Pam
    on Aug 15, 2020

    I just put my watering can in the recycling due to it having a crack in it. I’m going to dig it out and make the door hanger. Love it!

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