New to apartment gardening & keen to learn

I am from Singapore where the weather is either tropical or super hot. We wil be moving into a re-sale duplex apartment in a few months & as the passage way outside our apartment is wide enough & we live on the 2nd level of the apartment, facing a huge community garden, how do I start on seedlings of what I am keen to grow?
I would like to start on the following probably in containers :
MINT - how to start & what type of container to use?
Curry leaves ( Murraya keonighi) - how to start and what size of container to use?
Tulsi (Holy basil) - how to start?
Chillie - different varieties - how to start?
Lemon Tree - THE BIG LEMONS - how to start?
Right now, the only thing which we have at home is the so called MONEY PLANT (Epipremnum aureum). This we have been growing for the past 27 years or so and it is now grown but in a rather small container.
What I would like to know is how do I start? I have absolutely no knowledge how to germinate or grow from seeds? BUT I AM VERY KEEN to learn. Only problem is that as we are living in an apartment we have a rather small space outside the apartment to grow a few small containers of plants.
Any help & advise will be very much appreciated.
Ramesh L. Vasnani
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 05, 2015
    This time of year to plant is not recommended. Next spring should you choose the same plants you will have to start seedlings indoors.You cannot move them outdoors until after the danger of frost. Rule of thumb May 15h or after.
  • Diane Diane on Aug 05, 2015
    No frost in Singapore so I would definately start them inside away from the sun so the pots dont dry out so fast but you should be able to "google" this and come up with some good advise.
  • A1z1581958 A1z1581958 on Aug 05, 2015
    I grew up in Singapore and I have been living in Aust for many years in Darwi which has similar climate to Singapore and now in Brisbane which has a sub tropical climate. My mum used to grow orchids in pots but I think your best bet will be to grow chillies. They are very easy to grow from seeds. Just buy some chillies and used some of the seeds to grow, Just throw the seeds in a pot with soil cover the seeds and water and wait for it to sprout. Choose a couple of strongest plant from the seedlings and plant them in bigger pots. Place them in the sun and they will give you chillies for a long time. Protect the young seedlings when first transplanted. Put them where you get the morning sun and as they grow bigger they can stand the afternoon sun. As for the herbs you can grow them where you get the morning sun or where it is partly shaded from the hot afternoon sun and you should have no problems growing them in pots.
  • Cathy Spiller Cathy Spiller on Aug 05, 2015
    For mint, any kind of pot, because the the pot will keep the mint in spreads very quickly. For basil, curry, and chiles just sprinkle seed, cover with a little soil, and keep damp until they germinate. For large lemon tree, either buy one already started, or plants seeds from a particularly good lemon in a large pot and see if the seeds grow. Again, keep soil damp, which means protect from hot afternoon sun. Experiment. Your climate is such that you can grow many things if you protect them from the hottest sun. Try grows from seed, and loves the heat.
    • Ramesh L. Vasnani Ramesh L. Vasnani on Aug 05, 2015
      @Cathy Spiller Hi Cathy. Thanks for the lovely advise. But my question is : FOR MINT - how to start it from? I don't have any seeds or any old sprouts to start it from? I have been reading a lot on the internet that you have to germinate the seeds of whatever you want grow. HOW TO GERMINATE? WHAT IS GERMINATION? I am a newbie to this kind of gardening but I want to grow my own garden just outside my apartment in containers. Our weather in Singapore is unforgiving. Either it rains really very heavily or it is very very hot. Any ideas? Thanks / Ramesh Vasnani
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 06, 2015
    Maybe should wait until you arrive in the states and reask your question . Ting is everything here in the us
    • Ramesh L. Vasnani Ramesh L. Vasnani on Aug 12, 2015
      @Janet Pizaro Hi Janet, You make a trip to Singapore and you will change your mind about US. In fact, I know many people who have moved from US to South East Asia and they are much more happier and more relaxed too. Anyway, my question still is unanswered. Thanks.
  • Cathy Spiller Cathy Spiller on Aug 06, 2015
    Germination just means to get the seeds to sprout. That means get the seeds in a pot and cover with as much dirt as the seeds are big...meaning if you have a tiny seed, barely cover it and if you have a seed 1/4" in diameter, cover it with 1/4" of soil. Then you must keep the soil damp so the seeds have water and can sprout. It may mean starting them indoors, where it would be cooler than outside. Once the little baby plants start growing, you mush move them to the light outside. Water often, or set your pot into a tray with an inch or so of water in it so it can soak up water from the bottom (your pots must have drainage holes in the bottom). For mint, you must either get seeds or a sprout from someone who has some. One withstands heat well, in fact it's hard to kill, so a safe bet to grow in Singapore. I still say try grows from seed and loves the heat. Good luck.
  • Ramesh L. Vasnani Ramesh L. Vasnani on Aug 12, 2015
    HI Cathy, This has been a great help. I will try. For the Holy Basil - I think I can get the seeds. No issue. For Mint - I don't think it has seeds. Lemon tree, Chillies & Curry leaves - HOW TO START? Do I get the seeds or do I need to try other ways? Thanks once again.