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Easy to Make Colorful Planters in a Wooden Trough

Brighten up your back yard with these colorful planters. They were really easy to make, and cost next to nothing as they were made from recycled items, and scraps of paint.

All you need is some old tin cans, scraps of paint in various colors (or taster pots), acrylic varnish and an old wooden pallet.

Paint your cans each one a different color with your paint scraps, it doesn't matter what kind of paint you use because when they are dry cover them in acrylic varnish to make them waterproof.

For the trough I just saw off the bottom rung of an old wooden pallet. I then removed a plank from further up the pallet and nailed this to the bottom to make a trough. I then sanded the whole thing .

If you visit my website you will see how I filled the tin cans with layers of stones, sand and soil to maximize drainage before planting the flowers.

These upcycled can planters have really brightened up my back yard. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. I'm still saving cans to make some more for my window sills.

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I've also combined tin cans with denim scraps to create a fantastic caddy click here to see.

To see more: http://www.pillarboxblue.com/easy-to-make-colourful-tin-can-planters/

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