A DIY Bone Inlay Chair Makeover and Stencil Giveaway!

If you're like us then you love the look of beautiful bone inlay furniture, but you don't love the mega price tag that comes attached to it. If you have designer taste on a DIY budget then you've come to the right place. We're here to show you how stencils can easily recreate your favorite bone inlay pieces of furniture using one of most popular furniture stencils, the Indian Inlay Stencil Kit. Come take a look.
We'd like to introduce Stephanie, the creative blogger behind Casa Watkins. This decorating guru had this to say about bone inlay furniture, "I love the look of it and have been eyeing it for quite a while.
Unfortunately, I do not have the money to spare for bone inlay furniture." That's why she was super excited to stumble upon our Indian Inlay Stencil Kit.
This clever stencil pattern is meant to mimic the pricey bone inlay pattern that so many people covet. Stephanie knew exactly which piece of furniture she was going to update. This $8.00 thrift store chair.
It's a cute chair with a ton of possibility. With her Indian Inlay Stencil Kit in hand, Stephanie was ready to go. She positioned the stencil on the side of the chair and used a bit of blue painters tape to hold it in place. If you're trying to recreate this, pour your paint onto a plate or paint tray. Stephanie used a combination of ivory colored craft paint for the pattern.
Stephanie had this to say about her stencil project, " The entire desk area looks so much better now. " To see how she stenciled the chair and to enter the stencil giveaway on Casa Watkins http://www.casawatkins.net/2015/08/indian-inlay-stenciled-chair-makeover.html

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