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Fireplace mantle and brick dilemma...

I've recently painted my built ins that are next to my fireplace and I am now deciding on a mantle and if I should paint the brick. I was thinking of a chunky rustic floating mantle stained dark and possibly painting the brick some shade of gray. What do you think? Suggestions and comments are appreciated!

  • Margaret Adamski
    Margaret Adamski Seattle, WA
    on Aug 10, 2015

    I saw the Flip or Flop Channel of HGTV and they put cover pretty on https://www.pinterest.com/pin/279504720596423510/ or https://www.pinterest.com/pin/53058101837401886/

  • Margaret Adamski
    Margaret Adamski Seattle, WA
    on Aug 11, 2015

    Hope you like this one pinterest?

  • Sandra Hellewell
    Sandra Hellewell Canada
    on Aug 12, 2015

    I wouldn't paint the brick gray, I would graywash it! It's like whitewashing only with gray paint instead of white. It would look fab with a rustic chunky floating mantle that has been stained a dark walnut or espresso color! Good luck with your project!

  • Carolyn Faye Blizzard Lanier
    Carolyn Faye Blizzard Lanier La Grange, NC
    on Aug 13, 2015

    The floating mantle would also look great painted black, with a gray wash on the brick.

  • Kathi Church
    Kathi Church Raymond, WA
    on Aug 13, 2015

    I painted some of that fake brick in my kitchen. What I did was use a ratty old paint brush to put on and into the cracks the darkest color, then deck staining pad for the lighter color that is the main part of the brick. It turned out great! I really like it and wouldn't hesitate to do it again to real brick. Though I think you would have to seal the real brick first to prevent heavy absorption of the paint.

  • Anne E Bunner
    Anne E Bunner Alexandria, VA
    on Aug 14, 2015

    Having the mantle and the TV so high up makes the ceiling look low. If you do replace the mantle, consider lowering.

  • Jim L
    Jim L Columbia, SC
    on Aug 14, 2015

    To begin with, the mantle is out of proportion with the fireplace. Remove the mantle, cover the bricks with drywall. build a mantle that will extend from the bookcase to the corner. Add granite, marble or ceramic tiles around the firebox opening. (This prevents the material on the wall from getting to hot. That could be a fire hazard.) Add "one inch" screen trim to simulate panels in the drywall. Them paint the entire area trim white. This is your focus wall, so have the wall all one color. You could paint the inside of the book cases a bright color. (I like to use deep red...like Sherwin Williams "Ruby Gem". That's a great look.) ('Wish that I could have given you some advice about the bookcase before it was built. This would have been a perfect place for your TV rather that having it over the fireplace. This is going to be an awkward angle for TV watching.) Please forgive my comments if you feel that I am being "negative". I do not mean to be...this is MY opinion...and maybe I should have kept it to myself. Some time ago a woman read my OPINION and really "ate me up" for being negative! Good luck and end enjoy your room.

  • Refashionably Late
    Refashionably Late Minneapolis, MN
    on Aug 17, 2015

    It would be pretty to whitewash the bricks and choose a fun bold color to paint the fire place?

  • Jacalyn
    Jacalyn Clearwater, FL
    on Aug 17, 2015

    I love your color choices and think they would look great. Definitely agree on the bigger, chunky mantle.

  • The Redesign Habit
    The Redesign Habit San Diego, CA
    on Aug 20, 2015

    I think if you have those big, bold white doors, a mantle that's a different color, and yet another color on the wall, it will look very busy and disjointed. I do think you need to make your mantle lower and wider and not so tall. Paint your wall the nice gray and the new mantle white to tie everything together with your newly painted doors and you'll have a much more cohesive look.

  • HouseLogic.com
    HouseLogic.com Chicago, IL
    on Aug 21, 2015

    Hello Leann, We agree that a chunky mantel is a must. Also, check out these fabulous fireplace makeovers. We think you will find these DIYs very inspiring: http://goo.gl/uXZsbe

  • Katherine
    Katherine Charlotte, NC
    on Aug 30, 2015

    I think the brick would look nice painted white. I would try to find a mantel that is wider and shorter than the one you currently have. I think the mantel would look nice stained a rich, dark color that would contrast with all the white, but would balance the "weight" of the TV. I like having our TV above the fireplace. It keeps the focal point in just one place-focused. 😉

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