Vertical Behind the Cabinet Door Cutting Board Holder


We're doing a DIY kitchen renovation (agonizingly slowly, but we're doing it!). We're using Cabinets to Go cabinets, and had to doctor a fridge cabinet to create a cabinet for the double ovens. That meant I had some scraps of cabinet wood left over, and that gave me a great idea for a vertical cutting board holder.
I'd seen something similar that you can purchase, but it came with cutting boards. I already have cutting boards. And I also had wood scraps, a few screws, and some L brackets.
Ah, our messy, mid-renovation kitchen. We've done two of the three phases so far, and the only thing left to replace is the blue kitchen island. I'll miss the pop of color when it's gone, honestly, but I'm still crazy excited to get it done!
I'm sure there are more elegant solutions than an L bracket to attach the cutting board holder to the inside of a cabinet door, but these were in the garage already, and they were easy. And I'm the only one who will see the inside of my cabinets, anyway. Just be sure you use SHORT screws that won't go all the way through your pretty cabinet doors.
I did this project three years ago, and it still makes me happy every time I open up my cabinet to get a cutting board out!

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Nikki Wills

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  • Laura Benavidez
    on Jun 22, 2016

    Great idea, my cutting boards are currently propped up on my counter hidden behind a couple of storage canisters. I'm totally doing this; you could always spray paint the L-brackets to blend in better, but you're right no one is gonna see it - unless of course you have a mom like mine. One question, you said you were going to replace the blue kitchen island; are you keeping the blue cabinets? I love the color.

  • Debbi Antonelli
    on Jul 30, 2016

    the picture is hard to see is it built like a brace on the top bracket and the bottom one a shelf(bottom) so they don't slide out?

    • J
      on Sep 7, 2016

      The boards form a solid U of wood. No worries about anything sliding through.

    • Donna Mustage Malter
      on Jan 20, 2017

      I don't understand the bottom. What do you mean the beards form a solid U of wood? How so?

    • Heather
      on Jan 26, 2017

      Three pieces of wood (two side pieces, one bottom piece) bracketed together to form a "U," which stacks the cutting boards vertically. Then a small piece of wood screwed to the outside of the U on top to keep the boards from falling forward. It's a little hard to see with the dark wood but I zoomed in to double check. Nice project.

    • Deborah Anderson
      on Mar 1, 2017

      Why couldn't you just use 1 or 2more L brackets on the bottom to hold them?

    • Linda
      on Apr 2, 2017

      I like this idea, too. I had the same thought. ;-)

    • Nqf17780548
      on Apr 21, 2017

      Did you or would you consider the Kregg pocket screw jig for holding the u shaped bottom/sides together and possibly even to attach to back side of cabinet door. A cleaner look and much stronger.
      on Apr 27, 2017

      What's a Kregg pocket screw jig?
  • Rena Noele
    on Sep 7, 2016

    I can't find any measurements on this great project, in Hometalk or on your blog. For someone who's scratching their head with how to measure, please tell me how you went about it?

    • Nikki Wills
      on Sep 7, 2016

      It'll really depend on the size of your cutting boards and cabinet door. My base piece is 13.5" x 1.5". That wouldn't work with many smaller base cabinets, though. Sorry for being so imprecise!

    • Rena Noele
      on Sep 7, 2016

      Thanks Nikki! And it goes up to about half the height of the cabinet door? If not, how tall is it on the door?

    • Gordon Martin
      on Mar 3, 2017

      Just measure your cutting boards and the door and adjust accordingly, it can vary for everyone. Make yours to suit your environment, there is no standard is what she is saying.

  • Belinda
    on Sep 18, 2016

    What keeps the boards from slipping ? Is there a support for them? It is hard to see.

    • Wendy
      on Sep 19, 2016


    • Nikki Wills
      on Oct 10, 2016

      The horizontal bar keeps the boards from slipping out nicely. I've never had a problem with that, thankfully.

    • Adrain Clyburn Mattli
      on Oct 16, 2016

      Looks like a solid piece of wood at the bottom.

    • Theda
      on Jan 24, 2017

      Since I don't have any wood in a U shape, I'm going to use a cooling rack and bend it to the right depth and use small screws to hold in place along with the bar to keep them in it should work.

    • Nancy Wilson
      on Apr 27, 2017

      That is an excellent idea Theda. I wondered about holding the racks too.
    • Susan Arbogast Cogan
      on Sep 13, 2017

      you could also put a little 'lip' on the bottom of top of the horizontal bar to hold the boards.
    • Carey
      on Nov 29, 2017

      The piece of wood at the bottom keeps the boards from going through and with 2 brackets that prevent them from moving forward, you don't need a lip on the board to keep them in place. If you only had one of the brackets then you would need a lip on your shelf board.
    • Cybil Elliott
      on Aug 5, 2018

      I believe she's having a hard time seeing the bar at the bottom that keeps the boards from slipping out.

  • Aurelia S. Chamema Gogeye
    on May 6, 2017

    I have 3 heavy marble. Urging boards. How much weight does the wood & "L" bracket hold?
    • Nikki Wills
      on May 7, 2017

      Ooh, I have no clue. I don't think I'd personally risk it .
    • Danielle Odin
      on Jul 2, 2017

      It isn't about what the brackets and the wood will hold, but the hinges of the cabinet will probably get out of whack with that much weight.
    • Madamspinner4
      on Jul 28, 2017

      I KNOW this answer ! LOL ! NO ! I have a marble pastry board and it's all I can do to even lift it. NO WAY would a door stand uptothe weight.

    • Carey
      on Nov 29, 2017

      The thing that will determine whether your holder would hold a heavy board is the strength of the hinges on the door, the quality of the door itself and the size of the screws that you can use! Generally on a cabinet door they are not designed to hold heavy objects so they are not strong enough to hole such a heavy board as a marble one.
      I too have a marble cutting board and have always loved it but finding a good place to store it has always been a major problem too. I had a countertop microwave and came up with the idea of lifting the microwave up almost 2" by placing 2" X 2" pieces of wood just the right length to be UNDER the Microwave feet and long enough to fit under both feet. My Hubby cut them to the right length for me and by sliding the cutting board under it, I could slide it out when needed and I didn't have to bend over to lift it from some storage below the counter when I needed it. It worked perfectly. I felt the same way about lifting it! Now I am moving and my Microwave will be built in over the stove. I will have to figure out another option for storing my marble cutting board. It has to be easy to use, easy to access the board and look good!
      I would suggest however for the other cutting boards, using the L brackets was a very good idea. But I would turn the brackets around so that the part that screws into the wood of the door would be hidden by the brackets and the base of your holder. Use flat head screws to reduce the bulk and not scratch your cutting boards. There are also smaller L brackets that would be less bulky but also strong enough to hold your cutting boards I would also paint the brackets to match the project so that they are less obvious. I am going to use this idea in my new kitchen! Family get togethers usually have people helping in the kitchen and the prettier the things in your kitchen (Even inside the doors) the happier you will be as well,
    • Cybil Elliott
      on Aug 5, 2018

      I have a big marble cutting board too. I leave mine out on my counter top at the ready all the time. It looks great, I don't have to get it in & out from a hiding place when I need it no matter the size of the job, and I don't have to worry about my counter tops getting messed up when a family member (whom shall remain nameless, but wears a band on his left hand), cuts corners (pun intended), and doesn't use anything to quickly cut a tomato for a sandwich. Yes my board covers those few cuts on my counter top. I also attached 4 marbles for legs, which makes it look really nice.

  • Cat
    on Nov 16, 2018

    Awesome! but, will the door close w/the boards? Will it not hit the shelves in the cabinet? or interfere w/the closing of the cabinet?

    • Nikki Wills
      on Nov 17, 2018

      The cabinet I used is under the rangetop, so there were no shelves. The shelves on my lower cabinets, however, are not the full depth of my cabinets, so I think this would work anywhere I had put them. But especially in the lower cabinet with no shelves. ;-)

    • Cat
      on Nov 19, 2018

      Thank You Nikki

  • Diane Ford
    on Nov 16, 2018

    What did you use for the bottom the cross pieces

  • DIY
    on May 28, 2020

    Why not put the L brackets on the other side so they are hidden by the cutting boards?

    • Nikki Wills
      on May 28, 2020

      You could certainly do that! I was more interested in function than form for this project.

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  • Reo33875684
    on Feb 10, 2019

    I haven't read all the threads but, you could use Pocket Hole Joinery to get rid of the L brackets.

  • Caroleculver2016
    on Nov 20, 2019

    Great idea. I plan to do this with my cookie sheets. Hope they fit. Thanks

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