Water Wise Fairy Garden

Hello fellow Fairy Garden enthusiasts! Here in drought suffering CA we need to be water wise in our garden's and that includes fairy gardens, so here is my version. I failed to make before pictures but I think you will be able to figure this out easily. It will take as long as you want depending on detail and cost whatever you want to spend. I did mine over a few hours and only bought the house and paint. The rest was on hand .
One shallow round clay pot (mine is 12" round and 4" deep)
One clay dish that fits under the pot. (mine is 18" round and 2"deep)
One unfinished wood bird house from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnne's ..,,,
Craft paint of your choosing
Brushes, varied sizes
Terrarium decorative gravel
Cactus/succulent planting soil
Cactus/succulent plant food
Honey or other liquid sugar ( will be used as a root starter)
Shiny stuff because fairies like shiny found items
Glass beads found in the floral or vase department of your craft store
Hot glue gun and glue
Gloss clear spray varnish
Clear glitter nail polish
Compact mirror, piece of mica slate or any shiny surface for your pond base.
Clothes pins or whatever for stairs
Anything from the doll house section for yard decor
Fairy and elf statutes
First paint your house, shingle the roof with bark or whatever your fairies prefer.
I also broke some minatures clay flower pots and glued them to the side of the house then painted flower vines.
Spray the house and roof with clear gloss enamel.
Next fill the pot with soil adding a few rocks over the hole to retain drainage but hold soil in
Place your house where you want it. Make steps if necessary.
Glue your glass beads to the pond base, then place it where you want it.
Plant your succulents
Make your walk way, water features, etc....
Set your fairies in place.
Set other ornaments in place. I used a clear shinny bead and bead cap for the lantern.
Put a coat of glitter nail polish anywhere you want. Like the lantern
Next place the pot in the center of the dish.
Add soil, plant succulents and add decor.
Note: if you are using succulent cuttings from existing plants put a drop of honey on the cut edge before planting. This will stimulate root growth.
Have fun and use your imagination! The house cost me $1.00 plus paint. Everything else I already had. I live back in a canyon and a trip to the craft store is a journey so I used lots of found objects and imagination.

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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Aug 12, 2015
    Oh my goodness this is so amazing Alexis! Fabulous post and I adore that fairy garden. :)
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