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Stenciled Dimensional Leaf Mason Jars

Mason jar crafts are here to stay and, I bet, just when you thought you've seen them all, here's another to add to the mix - stenciled dimensional leaves on mason jars. It's so easy to do - all you need is a stencil, DecoArt Dimensional Effects Paste, painter's tape, craft stick and a mason jar. Craft Challenge
Time: 8 Hours Cost: $6.00 Difficulty: Easy
And for the paste (sold at Hobby Lobby), it adheres to most surfaces and provides a textured 3-D design that cleans up with soap and water. How cool is that?
1. Start by positioning the stencil onto the mason jar with painter's tape or re-positioning stencil adhesive. 2. Spread on the dimensional effects paste over the stencil using a craft stick or palette knife. I didn't have either so I used the back of a plastic spoon and applied the paste in thick layers.
3. Once all of the stencil is covered, quickly peel the stencil from the jar, revealing an awesome raised leaf. Wash the paste off of the stencil with soap and water.
4. Allow the design to dry. Depending on how thick the paste is applied, it could take anywhere from 4-12 hours. This was on very thick so I let it dry overnight - at least 8 hours.
5. Once dry - the leaves felt firm but rubbery to touch, paint as desired. I love the look of the white leaves, but needed to add color since leaves are not white. I dry painted on green, copper and dark red acrylics for color.
I love how the jars look, especially the raised peaks and valleys of the leaves. I also like how the leaves feel on the glass. And I loved using DecoArt Dimensional Effects Paste. I'm thinking of all the possibilities to use it on projects with the holidays coming up. It's such a great way to add additional interest to a lot of designs!

To see more: http://purplehuesandme.com/2015/08/stenciled-dimensional-leaf-mason-jars.html

Ask the creator about this project

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Aug 18, 2015

    Very nice! Can't wait for Fall!

  • Sherre M
    Sherre M Morristown, TN
    on Aug 19, 2015

    This is such a great idea!!!

  • Bsfergen
    Bsfergen Vermillion, SD
    on Aug 19, 2015

    Neat idea!

  • Linda Hively
    Linda Hively San Jose, CA
    on Aug 19, 2015

    Can you color the paste before applying?

  • Cindy
    Cindy Colorado Springs, CO
    on Aug 19, 2015

    Who would know LOL I need to try that :) Thanks for sharing it!

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