12 Wacky (and Wonderful) Garden Decorations

This home near Grand Lake, CO accidentally took garden decor to the next level, when a real moose wandered in, probably confusing this moose statue for a familiar face.
Photo via Robert/ [url=https://www.facebook.com/KRDONewsChannel13/timeline]Channel 13 News[/url]
When we saw this image on Colorado's KRDO News Channel 13 Facebook page, we were pretty floored. But when you think about it, this set-up isn't much wackier than other garden decorations out there. Here are just a few ornaments that prove things tend to get wacky - and wonderful - in the flower bed:

1. Ceiling Fan Dragon Fly

Photo via [url=http://www.hometalk.com/7868360/repurpose-ceiling-fan-dragonfly-glows-in-the-dark]Teri[/url]
An old, useless ceiling fan gets another chance to fly, as a majestic dragonfly. Bonus: this wonderful garden-dweller glows in the dark!

2. Cheeky Garden Sign

Photo via Shelley @[url=http://www.sowanddipity.com/diy-garden-signs/]Sow & Dipity[/url]
Pun-toting garden signs are a feature in many gardens, but this clever little quip is one of our favorites! Or maybe we just love the idea that someone would pay you to take away your weeds...

3. A Couple of Planters

Photo via [url=http://www.lushome.com/creative-handmade-garden-decorations-20-recycling-ideas-backyard-decorating/78091]Lushome[/url]
These two giant trash cans turned proper planters are on the sweetest park date ever, huddling under their umbrellas and adding a bold pop of color to this lucky gardener's space.

4. Stone Footprints

Photo via [url=http://www.beautifullife.info/art-works/stone-footprints-by-iain-blake/]Beautiful Life[/url]
The truest sign of a troll-ridden garden is finding stone footprints in your flower beds and other outdoor spaces. Or, at the very least, that's the cute little myth that you bring along into your garden when you lay out tiny stone toes.

5. Watering Can Downspout

Photo via [url=http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/clever-downspouts-fun-ways-to-make-the-rain-rain-go-away-176491]Apartment Therapy[/url]
An ordinary downspout is very useful, but it isn't much to look at. This wacky watering can design, on the other hand, would definitely make you smile on a rainy day!

6. Mischievous Junk Creatures

[url=http://chicfluff.info/2013/07/31/garden-creatures/]Photo via Chic Fluff[/url]
Gardeners beware, because reclaimed junk creatures run the show in this wild garden. What a great idea for all of those rusty gears, bolts, and nuts!

7. Flower-Filled Crocs

Photo via [url=http://www.bajiroo.com/2013/06/flower-pots-made-of-old-shoes-20-photos]Bajiroo[/url]
Any shoes will do for these wacky hanging footwear planters. If they're colorful, like these Crocs, than the look is even more eye-catching, so don't be afraid to paint your worn-out pairs.

8. Yummy Garden Stones

Photo via [url=http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/easy-backyard-diys?sub=2496210_2832629#.ho7noLnarx]Buzzfeed[/url]
If you were looking for a no-cost way to add a pop of fun to your garden spaces, look no further! Splash some stones with leftover paint and add that iconic "m," to turn your rocky areas into delicious decorations.

9. Play Pool Fountains

Photo via [url=http://www.ehow.com/how_6805646_make-prop-using-baby-pools.html]ehow[/url]
OK, when we said wacky, you definitely weren't expecting this, right? Who knew that stacked kiddie pools actually make a rather elegant (and super playful) large-scale fountain.

10. Toilet Tank Planters

Photo via [url=http://www.tuinieren.nl/tuinnieuws/trend/planten-pot.html]Tuinieren[/url]
When you think about it, an old toilet is the perfect shape for a stately standing planter, no? Any out-of-commission John couldn't hope for a better retirement plan.

11. Fancy Garden Faces

Photo via [url=http://www.stonefacecreations.com/SHAREYOURHEAD.html]Stoneface Creations[/url]
We've seen this done with a single styrofoam head before, but imagine walking out of your house every morning to a crowd of faces wearing wonderfully stylish living hairdos!

12. The Most Literal Garden Bed

Photo via [url=http://www.inspirebohemia.com/2011/07/garden-inspiration-part-ii.html]Inspire Bohemia[/url]
Any green-thumbed guru would be glad to have this cozy bed close by after a day spent digging in the garden. And just in case of a planting mess, piles of dirt can be swept under that grassy bed skirt!
Wacky enough for you? Vote for your favorite, or share a wacky/wonderful garden decoration of your own in the comments!

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