Flower beds

When we moved in, yard was dandelions and rock. Each year, I add a new flower bed. I love to be in the yard and can't wait until spring! You'll note a lot of different Iris in beds. I'll post them later The edges of all the beds are lower than the bed to keep control of weeds and water. I put soil pep down in each bed to keep the weeds out. Will add other beds later.
I wanted a mound in the yard. The neighbors were taking grass out, so we had it put in our yard. I cleaned it up and dug flower bed in front and one in next picture. Used grass for instsnt grass on top of mound - rock in front
Had made a straight flower bed along fence line - had to dig down over a foot to get all the rock out & haul in top soil. Then, I dug design to extend flower bed in places and use the grass for top of mound.
One of the 1st flower beds. Is a corner bed next to driveway.
Removed the rock and added pots
This is same bed as the 1st one shown, but after it took hold
This and the next picture are peonies that got mixed when a storm moved in. Note red & white are mixed
Pink and white mixed in this picture. I plan to leave them
removed rock and made an expanded flower bed along the garage
The tree is a flowering crab. Removed rock and planted shade plants here - mostly hosta
same flower bed, but potted plants along driveway
New flower bed prepared for 2013. Flower Tower in the center. I'm anxious to see it in bloom.

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