12 Crazy Creative Ways To Fill Your Empty Walls (On A Budget!)

Get rid of those boring blank spaces with these budget-friendly decor ideas from bloggers who think outside the box

By Hometalk Highlights

Rustic Hanging Art

Gather some scrap wood, to turn your favorite print or graphic into rustic art in 15 minutes!

Large Colorblock Look

This unique art idea goes outside the frame, to make a surprisingly bold statement on any wall.

Thumb Tack Monogram

Make this textured metallic monogram using nothing more than office supplies!

DIY Printed Canvas Graphic

Turn your favorite pictures into large works of art, by transferring them onto canvas.

Golden Medallion From Paper Bowl

Turn a vintage doily and a paper bowl into a very convincing wall medallion lookalike.

Romantic Industrial Frame Collage

Use extra frames and old leather belts to create this romantic industrial vibe.

Monochromatic Gallery Wall

With same-colored frames, create a memory collage that extends from wall to wall.

Kids' Art Gallery

Get ready for art class masterpieces, with a DIY gallery you can switch each week.

Wood Shim Arrows

Using wood shims and a mix of different colored stains, create charming rustic arrow art.

Renter-Friendly Washi Tape Design

Go big for just $1, with a full wall geometric design made from your favorite washi tape!

Homemade Abstract Painting

Want big impact color without bringing in a professional? Try this 3-step painting idea.

Vintage Postcard Gallery

Grab your random postcards and photos, and create a cohesive gallery with shadow boxes.