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Bleached Fall Leaves

Why is it once you have an idea in mind sometimes it's very hard to find what you need. I went to several craft stores looking for light shades of fall leaves other than yellow to go with white pumpkins. I found white sunflowers and bundles of wheat but no white, or off white fall leaves. I tried painting leaves white, but didn't like the results - they looked fake. I did find a site on the net that carried bundles of white fall leaves but when I tried ordering them, they were no longer available.
Cost: $1.00 Difficulty: Easy
So I decided to bleach my own to see what would happen. Most of the leaves I collected had turned brown and I did pick up a green one, too.
I put the leaves in a cup of bleach in a pyrex dish and let them soak overnight.
The bleaching process was amazing to see . . . You can clearly see the "skeleton" (veins) of the leaves. Simply beautiful!
I was quite pleased with the bleaching and the way the leaves changed. The longer they stayed in the bleach the lighter they got (naturally) . . . but also, the more delicate they became. I had to be careful removing them from the bleach because they would come apart easily.
I dried the delicate bleached leaves on paper towels.
And after drying, I bundle the leaves together with a piece of raffia and tied them on my white pumpkin.
I love this look and the variations in color and patterns! I definitely will be bleaching more leaves!

To see more: http://plumperfectandme.blogspot.com/2012/10/bleached-fall-leaves.html

Ask the creator about this project

  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    on Aug 24, 2015

    Beautiful and delicate.

  • Ann
    Ann Medford, OR
    on Aug 24, 2015

    Those are beautiful and ethereal. I'll have to try this.

  • Michele Vernon Ward
    Michele Vernon Ward Ozark, MO
    on Aug 27, 2015

    gorgeous! I wonder if you could then dip them in or paint them with clear wax so they wouldn't be so fragile?

  • Genie Hall
    Genie Hall Machias, ME
    on Aug 27, 2015

    did they have the bleach smell after?

  • Lee
    Lee Elk Grove Village, IL
    on Aug 27, 2015

    maybe painting with Sobo Glue or watered white glue? what da ya think?

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